Malaysia 4D Result Live Welfare Development Notes

Malaysia 4D Result Live Welfare Development Notes

Sunshine, nature Sabah & Sarawak 4D results says: is the beam emitted by the sun. Sunshine, the poet said: is the spring of the bright, summer hot, bright autumn, warm winter. Sunshine, welfare lottery said: is human love, is the responsibility and strength. I remember, the social welfare homes in those precarious buildings, living in many elderly people with candle. Have seen the social orphanage of those dilapidated ToTo 4D Malaysia courtyard, living in many orbital orphans. Have visited, scattered in the walls of the disabled and special difficulties groups. Also have to communicate with them, how they look forward to the sun, looking bright, hot, bright, warm sunshine. People have love, the Chinese welfare lottery came, with the sincere love of all walks of life, shoulder the responsibility and mission of the sun, approached the special Sabah & Sarawak 4D results group. In 2015, Jiangxi Province welfare lottery to “sunshine blessing” responsibility and strength, all the way forward, to achieve a total sales of 3.28 billion yuan to raise the social welfare fund of more than 1 billion yuan for the Jiangxi social welfare and social welfare development And then set a new job for the province’s special difficulties again offer the warmth of the sun.

Sunny Singapore Pools 4D to create a welfare lottery ticket

It is a sunshine business which is approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council and implemented by the Sabah & Sarawak 4D results civil affairs department to raise the social welfare fund to help the social welfare and social welfare undertakings of special hardship groups. Welfare lottery agency is the cause of the sunshine of the hardener, must be sunny sense of responsibility, mission to carry tripod, to ensure the cause of the 4D Singapore Past Result healthy development. With the continuous development and expansion of the welfare lottery business, it has become inevitable that the broad concern of society and many participants is becoming inevitable. 2015, the province’s welfare lottery system one of the most important work is to create a “sunshine blessing”, so that the cause of the sun more sunshine. In early February, the early spring sun just wake up the spring girl, in the province welfare lottery work conference, the provincial Civil Affairs Department leaders on the clear requirements: civil affairs departments at all levels and Fucai institutions to create “sunshine blessing”, as set up scr888 public welfare , Integrity Fucai, the responsibility of Fucai important work, as a measure of the overall work of Fucai important standard. At the end of June, Sabah & Sarawak 4D results, the main leader of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, once again stressed that the construction of the “Sunshine Fucai” special action should be combined with the special education of “San Yan San Shi” , To further enhance the welfare of the lottery a good social image. In early August, in the province of welfare lottery mid-year meeting, the provincial Civil Affairs Department leadership once again asked: in depth to promote the construction of “sunshine blessing” special action to greater responsibility and courage to create “sunshine blessing.” In late October, the main leadership of the Fucai Center and the rate of work came to Sabah & Sarawak 4D results the province to guide the construction of “sunshine Fu Cai” work, and asked to conscientiously consolidate the results, innovation and development, the “sunshine blessing” construction to a higher level. Leadership of the strict requirements, earnestly teach, earnest expectations, and further enhance the province’s welfare lottery system construction “sunshine blessing” responsibility and motivation.

Construction Damacai 4D Tips Sunshine Welfare purpose

Is the 4D Result Promotion to benefit the lottery business in the sun. In 2015, Jiangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Center for the first time for the community release “Jiangxi welfare lottery social responsibility report”, a comprehensive and systematic introduction of welfare lottery issue sales rules, work processes, financial composition, social contribution, winning situation, will be transparent , Justice, responsibility Jiangxi Fucai 4D Result Malaysia News show the sun. Has invited seven batches of more than 360 representatives of the lottery, journalists on behalf of the public security representatives and Fucai outlets sales staff and other people from all walks of life to Beijing to observe the welfare lottery lottery the whole process, and that the billing design, printing, warehousing, transportation, etc. Link, not only let everyone have a new understanding of the welfare lottery, really feel Sabah & Sarawak 4D results lottery “open, fair, just, good faith” principle, witness 4d stc sunshine blessing.