Shanxi 4D Result Announces Welfare Lottery Report

Shanxi  4D Result Announces Welfare Lottery Report

The report will be chaired by Mr. Li Xin, Director of Welfare Center of Shanxi Province, and Deputy Director of Social Welfare and Charity 4d Tips Promotion Department of Provincial Department, Cui Hongfei, Provincial Center staff and media reporter attended the meeting. Li Xin, director of the first in 2015, “second five” during the 4D province’s sales of Fucai made an introduction. 2015, the province sales 2.437 billion yuan, an increase of 152 million yuan, raising Fu Cai public welfare fund 1.198 billion yuan. “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the province’s total sales 4D Promotion 15.038 billion yuan, than the “Eleventh Five-Year” increased by 8.706 billion yuan, a total of 4,488 million yuan to raise blessing public welfare gold, over the completion of the province Fu Cai “second five” , For our province, “second Five-Year” plan for the successful completion of planning a heavy period.

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In order to protect and improve people’s livelihood, to enhance the well-being of the people made a great 4D Result Malaysia contribution. For a long time, Sabah 4D hold high the banner of public interest, courage to social responsibility, and strive to shape the “responsibility Fucai” brand image. The Sabah 4D2015 Resident Resident Report is Sabah 4D’s first Social Responsibility Report. The report information and data mainly from the Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Shanxi Province, Singapore 4D distribution center related reports, summary, meetings, documents, statistical reports and media press releases and so on.

Charity 4D Result Malaysia News 4D2015 Social Responsibility Report

By reading the report, Sabah 4D will fulfill the social responsibility of the situation to the community to pay a public account, understand the account, while the future portrayed a more beautiful picture. Finally, Li Xin, director of the hope that through the release of the report, and we witnessed the Sabah 4D through an extraordinary course, common witness Sabah 4D made public achievements, witness the majority of Lottery love crystallization, common witness Shanxi civil workers And the sacred 4D Result mission of the community to enhance the community on the 4D Past Result public welfare awareness, understanding and support for the province of social welfare, social security and public welfare undertakings better development of wisdom and strength.