Celebrating of 4D Result Malaysia Supervisors

Celebrating of 4D Result Malaysia Supervisors

Municipal People’s Congress, the city CPPCC members, representatives of the media, representatives of Fucai practitioners, representatives of Lottery, representatives of the public on behalf of the Chongqing Fucai Singapore Pools ToTo supervise the team, will exercise the Chongqing welfare lottery supervision of social responsibility. At the same time, “2015 Chongqing Fucai social responsibility report” is also a grand release at the meeting. In fact, adhering to the principles of openness, impartiality, innovation and socialism, Past Malaysia 4D Result, Chongqing Fucai initiated social solicitation, from the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal CPPCC members, the news Media, Fucai practitioners, Lottery and the public community, the collection of a sense of responsibility and high ideological awareness of 36 social supervisors.

Chongqing Fucai Social Supervisor Damacai 4D Malaysia Responsibilities

The use of welfare lottery sales, lottery, Duijiang supervision; to understand the local retention of the welfare of the welfare of the use of the situation and its effect; listen to the city Fucai Center’s annual work report, Futian line construction guidance, supervision, to help expand 4d Result Malaysia Tips Promote the promotion and interpretation of the work; to 4D Result Malaysia Live or industry authorities, regulators reflect the views and suggestions of the masses; report at all levels of welfare facilities, welfare lottery consignment of 4D deposit bonus and their operators of illegal acts; City Fucai Center or industry authorities, the regulatory authorities to convene 4D related meetings and organizations related activities; regularly or irregularly to the city Fucai Center or industry authorities, regulators written supervision report.

Welfare lottery positive contribution CashSweep 4D Result

Chongqing Fucai around the “helping the old, disabled, save the solitary, the poor” to carry out the series of activities – in the “old age” to carry out the “sent love into the Wulong Mountain”, “listen to the story, respect veterans” Respect from the ‘Mom and Dad’ start “,” rural drinking Li Fu will be the elderly “, longevity, gift fake gift package “and other activities. In the 4D Result News to carry out the “old people for the disabled to send ‘ears’,” to accompany orphans and disabled children, “” to help the disabled children to complete the treatment of surgery “and other activities. In the “rescue solitary” aspects of the “public welfare venture to expand the field of difficult children to help”, “‘winter love love warmth frozen mountain children left behind,’ ‘happy farm’ to raise money to support the color of childhood dream” and other activities The In the “hardship” to continue to use 4D Result Malaysia Live “love the relief fund” to rescue the poor.