4D Result Malaysia Live awards so many gifts

4D Result Malaysia Live awards so many gifts

China Welfare Lottery points feedback service lottery results are as follows: The lucky draw results will be in China ToTo 4D Malaysia official website, public welfare Times and color network announced, Lottery can also call China Welfare Lottery Service Hotline 95189518 query winning results. China 4D Result Malaysia Distribution Management Center will be issued on December 21, 2016 through 10690189 number issued SMS notice winning lottery, Lottery must be based on SMS request to carry the relevant documents in the January 15, 2017 to January 25, 2017 to the designated Betting tips. Overdue not received, will be deemed to give up the winning eligibility. China Past Singapore 4D Result Distribution Management Center

Further close the relationship between Magnum 4D Malaysia and the site

Better to do 2017 Suqian City 4D Result Malaysia release work. On the morning of December 15th, the city Fucai Center held an excellent forum. First of all, director of the city center Dong Zhenyou on the excellent site owners actively cooperate with the city center work, in the blessing of the site owners and sales staff on the expression of the heart to express my heartfelt thanks and encourage everyone on how to further enhance the city center services, marketing, management and other work Offer advice and suggestions. Subsequently, the owners have expressed satisfaction with the city center service, published on the Magnum 4D Tips and marketing some of the recommendations and comments, pointed out that the provincial and municipal central part of the promotional activities of the details of the flaws, and the current site Survival pressure expressed concern. In 4D Result Malaysia Promotion, Dong Zhenyou director of the site to provide the views and suggestions to be sure one by one, the city center of some specific work explained, pointed out that the blessing industry is still a bright future, although now facing some difficulties, but at all levels Fucai institutions, The relevant government departments are actively studying a series of response initiatives, we hope that a firm confidence, and strive to do their own betting in all aspects of work for the coming year Fu Cai sales to lay a solid foundation. The symposium ended in a good atmosphere of intense discussion and reached the desired effect of the city center, which will provide a new direction for the improvement work of the Suqian Fucai

Henan Province Civil Affairs Department Sandakan 4D come to Wancheng

Nanyang 2016 key work to carry out supervision. Mainly 4D Result Malaysia through the list of reports, access to information, discussion, field visits, random checks and feedback and other means of supervision and inspection. On the morning of the 13th, Nanchang Fucai Center as the provincial and ministerial level key supervision of the two units participated in the forum. The scene of the special publicity leaflets introduced a number of pictures of Nanyang Fucai work, Nanyang City Civil Affairs Bureau Party Secretary, Secretary Chu Qingyi comrades Magnum 4D News in the report material also highlights. As of the end of November, Nanyang total sales of welfare lottery 410 million, Nanyang in the province’s per capita GDP penultimate case, the total sales ranked third in the province. Of which 158 million online votes, accounting for 10% of the province’s total online. The annual market share of 42.55%, ranking third in the province, to achieve the insurance sales, security share of the target.