4D Result Malaysia News said today

4D Result Malaysia News said today

That in September 2016 for the Government to create a 4dresult Tips surplus of NT 1.73 billion yuan from January 2014 to the end of September 105 until the end of the fourth 4dresult Tips accumulated government Sport ToTo Malaysia surplus of up to Of which 83% were allocated to the local government for social welfare, 45% for the government subsidy and 5% for the Past Malaysia 4D Result.

4D Result Malaysia News, in September 2016 for the Government

To create a single month 4dresult Tips surplus of 1.730 billion yuan, of which 865 million yuan allocated to the municipalities,4D Promotion cities and counties for Sport ToTo Malaysia social welfare, but the actual allocation will depend on “Ministry of Finance 4dresult Tips Commission 4D Result Composition Committee” Article III of the provisions of 779 million yuan allocated to the national pension, 86 million yuan is allocated to Past Malaysia 4D Result preparation.

4dresult Tips Surplus is based on the Scraping

4D Result Malaysia Live Volumes 138, 168 and 170, Lotto No. 105000077 to 105000085, 10510070 to 105000078, 105000071 to 105000078, Sport ToTo Malaysia 105000210 to 105000235, 105, 10210 to 105000235, 105000210 to 105000235, 1053105 to 105000235, 535, 1059 to 105000235, 105 to 102, 0005, The total sales for the periods 105049533 to 105055622 are the basis of calculation.