Sport ToTo Malaysia is proud to announce

Sport ToTo Malaysia is proud to announce

The launch of the first puzzle-extended game “Singapore 4D“, which is aimed at “scratching the right”, the diverse product features of the game, and the need for consumers to be innovative and fun and meet the festive atmosphere. Mahjong “, with special emphasis on the process of playing, so that consumers can experience the slowly scraping, and slowly enjoy the results announced Scratch, the process step by step for the” 4D Result “and the excitement that” scratch that knowledge “excitement distinct , Launched in the market after the launch of a puzzle extended cyclone.

Since then, Sport ToTo Malaysia has launched

A collection of lucky numbers, Singapore 4D, additions and other games are played puzzle extended game, each launch are widely acclaimed, so the amount of puzzle extended sales of scraping music sales increased year by year, from 97 years Accounting for 12% (2.04 billion yuan) of 4D Singapore Past Result the annual sales of Scratch Music, up to 27% (17.278 billion yuan) at the end of last year. It is evident that Sport ToTo Malaysia, a 4D extension of the Puzzle and Scratch, Into the trend.

Damacai 1 + 3D News This new “Poker” is a new puzzle extension game

With the “4D Result Promotion” game concept, which poker players love, and Sport ToTo Malaysia “Supreme Poker” A total of 4 million, more than 170,000 1,000 yuan Past Malaysia 4D Result of the above awards, winning rate of 28.58%.