4D Result Malaysia National Welfare System

4D Result Malaysia National Welfare System

Singapore 4D training system overall planning and construction of the seminar held in Xi’an. Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, deputy director of the year to speak, he said that human resources is the first resource of the blessing of the cause, Damacai 1 + 3D Past Result the need for both the ability of both managers, need effective marketing staff.

Systematic Damacai 4D Malaysia Training

Our management team and sales force, to keep up with social development, to cope with fierce market competition, to maintain the dominant position in the market. 4d Tips Fook Choi Center Party Secretary, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Dong Tianfu, Fucai Center Director of Human Resources Zhu Jinyi, as well as the province, including the eight provincial-level Fucai institutions leadership and staff to attend the meeting. It is understood that the national Fucai system training system as a whole to the overall planning and construction research research carried out at all levels of Fucai institutions from top to bottom collaboration, in strict accordance with the questionnaire to fill in the requirements, and actively organize the convening of the various levels of personnel in the region to fill the questionnaire, Completed the investigation task. In order to further improve the basic research work, 4D Promotion combined with the preliminary statistical analysis of the questionnaire, the research group selected some provinces and cities held the seminar. During the meeting, Dong Tianfu, Zhu Jiyi and his entourage came to Weinan City, research and development of Fucai management work. Weinan Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Zhang Ji Liang, the provincial welfare center director Li Zhehong, accompanied by research. Dong Tianfu and his party on the Shaanxi Fucai distribution work to fully affirmed the Weinan Fucai position construction and public welfare publicity to give a high evaluation.

Strengthen the Sabah & Sarawak 4D results specification

Adolescents, to promote the level of service, to ensure the safe operation of the basis of the mobilization of the “public welfare, charity, health, happiness, innovation,” the blessing of the culture, More public welfare gold, benefit the community, Singapore 4D News service people. Through the innovative management model, sales model, activity mode, firmly establish the public welfare Fucai, the sun Fucai, responsibility Fucai brand image.