4D Result Lottery Fucai responsibility peers

4D Result Lottery Fucai responsibility peers

September 9, by the Guangdong University of Finance and Guangdong Welfare Lottery Distribution Center jointly organized the “Lottery Social Responsibility International Forum” held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Building. The forum focuses on the theme of “Responsible Lottery Fucai Peer”, the Magnum 4D Result Malaysia model of production and research cooperation, the experts and scholars at home and abroad, the managers and practitioners of lottery industry, share and exchange the issues of lottery social responsibility. Deputy Director of China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center Tang Qiwei, Chairman of China Social Work Association Lottery Work Committee Wang Boquan, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics Party Secretary Huang Xiaobo, Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department Deputy Director Luo Zhaoqun and other leaders attended the Magnum 4D Result Malaysia Forum and delivered a speech, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan And overseas experts and scholars, lottery institutions, industry veteran, lottery service providers, a total of more than 100 representatives attended the sabah 88 4D forum. Fung Choi Center Deputy Director Tang Qiwei speech forum, Guangdong Fucai released the “2015 Guangdong welfare lottery social responsibility report”, the report around the “more responsibility, Guangdong Fu Cai” theme.

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In the practice of responsibility practice, brand promotion, safe operation, game products, public welfare activities and other aspects of the work concept and work results, reflecting the 2015 Guangdong Welfare Lottery in Magnum 4D Result Malaysia social responsibility efforts and effectiveness. At the same time, by the Guangdong University of Finance Lottery Research Center and the Guangdong welfare lottery social responsibility research and Past Singapore 4D Result practice base published “lottery research think tank” announced the publication, the special report “research, insight, enlightenment, reference” As the eight-character principle, is committed to become the lottery industry’s wisdom, to enhance the level of production and research cooperation. Finally, the forum also launched a lottery industry social responsibility proposal, hoping through the way of advocacy, advocacy of scientific and sustainable development of social responsibility strategy and ideas. Tang Qiwei, deputy director of the China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center, said that for the lottery institutions, the implementation of Magnum 4D Result Malaysia social responsibility, requires both national, market, Lottery and other aspects of the interests of the public welfare fund, to support social welfare and charity big Under the premise, scr888 not only for the general public to provide interesting fun game products, but also to prevent and control the phenomenon of transition to buy color, to protect the interests of Lottery.

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Building social responsibility system more Magnum 4D Result Malaysia complex, such as how to promote the lottery industry social responsibility theory and practice of research, how to further exchange and cooperation with international lottery colleagues, etc., are very worthy of 4D deposit bonus in-depth discussion. This forum has adopted the Damacai 1 + 3D News model, which has produced the cooperation between industry and academia, and has also attracted eight speakers from both sides and from France and Australia to focus on the combination of ” How to do more than the responsibility of the lottery, “” how to do more free responsibility “,” international vision and practice in China “,” cooperation with the development of cross-border lottery “,” building a comprehensive social responsibility system “and other eight issues to do the theme report Share and discuss the work of the social responsibility of lottery. At the same time, the Forum will also publish a collection of experts and scholars from Magnum 4D Result Malaysia to promote further research and broader communication.