4D Result Malaysia Live not reported sales office

4D Result Malaysia Live not reported sales office

As the abstention; the second round of the selection in the November 30 – December 05, in Hainan Fucai official micro-through the answer to the screening, the first round of the participants through the limited answer form, Singapore 4D ToTo Sport title 4D rebate bonus third round of selection from December 16 to December 29, 4D Result Malaysia through the results of the final score to score, the results in the top 30 to enter the next round; Concerned about the Hainan Fucai official WeChat to vote for the selection.

This event Magnum 4D Malaysia expert review stage

4D Result will invite the relevant government leaders, representatives of the media, representatives of Internet users, the composition of the activities of the Jury, in the candidates for classification and review, timely release of voting platforms and voting methods, according to the network vote accounted for (60%), Accounting for 40% of the total, 4D Malaysia Singapore Result final results determined by the expert review and the results of the vote to determine the first 2016 Hainan most concerned about the “Fucai public star” and “the most beautiful people” characters, and in various publicity platform To be public. The event is always set to “Fucai public star”, “the most beautiful Fucai” 10, at the same time, during the vote every day from the voting users will take out a number of lucky prizes, reward lucky packs. In order to further improve the comprehensive business quality of Fucai staff, standardize the management of the center and sales office, improve the overall service level and ensure the safe operation of the system. November 10, 4d Result Malaysia Tips Gannan Fucai Center held a Gannan Fucai staff training course. The meeting was chaired by Ma Zhiqing, director of Gannan Fucai Center and sales office attended the training meeting. 4D The training will be divided into two parts: First, on the blessing online sales office staff services etiquette, business quality and other related knowledge training, aimed at comprehensively enhance the overall quality of staff to improve the overall quality of the sales hall, Better service for the Lottery, Fucai brand image.

Sandakan 4D Center all cadres and workers

The center of the rules and regulations, machinery and equipment maintenance, site services and other content-based comprehensive training to improve the level of cadres and workers of the ideological level, 4D Result Malaysia Live business capacity. At the meeting, the director of the center, Ma Zhiguan, stressed that each of the cadres and workers at the State Welfare Center represented the image of Gan Nanchu’s blessing. Sabah 4D News asked all the staff to continue to strengthen their studies and learn to apply their knowledge into the daily work To a good image, excellent quality, for the city’s Lottery to provide more quality services, and constantly promote the successor of Ganzhou Fucai continued healthy development.