Provincial Welfare Center 4D Result Malaysia

Provincial Welfare Center 4D Result Malaysia

Held by the central group to expand the learning conference, to convey the learning group party group “on the earnest study of the implementation of the party’s eighteenth session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the notice” Magnum 4D Malaysia, study the implementation of the relevant requirements to promote the province Sabah 4D Center to implement the eighteenth six The spirit of the plenary session and the “two studies” education and education are further carried out. Party committee secretary Zhang Hui comrades stressed that the center of the party branch should be carefully in accordance with the central requirements and the deployment of the provincial and ministerial departments, and effectively study and implement the party’s 18th session of the Sixth Plenary Session as a “two learning one” learning and education first class Magnum 4D Malaysia, Organization, pay close attention to implementation, to ensure that the spirit of the plenary implementation of each branch, the implementation of each Singapore 4D, to promote the provincial welfare school learning to achieve tangible results

Singapore 4D in practical ideologically

And with the Magnum 4D Malaysia comrades as the core of the party to maintain a high degree of consistency. Comrade Zhang Hui asked the party branch to further study the “Communist Party of China Eighteenth Central Committee of the Sixth Plenary Announcement” spirit and “on the new situation under the party’s political life of a number of guidelines”, “the Communist Party of China 4D Past Result“All party members and cadres should seriously find themselves in the serious political life within the party, to strengthen the supervision of the party there are problems and Magnum 4D Malaysia, in-depth analysis of the reasons, focus on the problem rectification, enhance the majority of 4dresult Tips, especially party members Cadres and comrades as comrades as the core of the Central Committee in line with the consciousness, do “four speak four” qualified party members.


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To take the lead in learning, make an example, set a benchmark, to stimulate Magnum 4D Malaysia members of the study enthusiasm. Comrade Zhang Hui requirements, the party branch to earnestly develop a practical learning plan, highlighting the branch to learn, organize the majority of party members and cadres to contact the actual depth of learning, comprehensive learning, so into the brain into the heart. The party branch secretary and party members and leading cadres to strengthen and standardize the party’s political life, the full implementation of Magnum 4D Malaysia supervision responsibility, and strive to create a clear political atmosphere, to learn the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session to solidly promote the province 4D Result Malaysia News “Two learn one to do” learning and education. Provincial Welfare Center leaders, middle-level cadres and members of the “two schools” office attended the meeting.