4D Result Continues to build sales force

4D Result Continues to build sales force

3757 sales staff training throughout the year, the dream of the hospital output of 318 qualified students. Regulations and optional action combined to ensure the standard operation, consolidate the market base. Singapore Pools ToTo China Fucai Center Inspection Team fully affirmed. In terms of market performance, in 2015, Chongqing Fucai sales welfare lottery 4.565 billion yuan, the market share to stay ahead.

Damacai 4D Result Malaysia To achieve leapfrog development

Market size growth of 2.26 times “Twelfth Five-Year” period, Chongqing Fucai cumulative sales of 223.89 billion yuan, the issue of sales from 2.19 billion yuan in 2010 to 4.565 billion yuan, the average annual compound growth rate of 15.8%, compared with “11 Five “period increased by 2.26 times. Past Singapore 4D Result Since its inception in 1998, the concept of social responsibility has gone through to the aspects of game design, marketing promotion, channel construction and internal management. 2010 R & D market is very happy “lucky farm”, five years sales of 5.3 billion yuan, the rapid growth of the first brand in Chongqing fast open game. Channel construction, the number of Chongqing Fucai betting station increased from 2596 in 2010 to 3826, from a single lottery store to the self-service stores, quick shop, 4d Result Malaysia Tips store diversified development, standardization of building an external image, the national The first implementation of the “dream college” and sales staff grading management system, upgrade the inherent quality of Chongqing Fucai cause from “professional change” to “industrial upgrading.” Five years to raise the public welfare of 6.6 billion & nbsp; to consolidate the development of the people’s livelihood, “second five” period, Chongqing Fu Cai accumulated public welfare fund 6.638 billion yuan, respectively, into the “help the old, disabled, save solitary, economic difficulties” public welfare undertakings.

For CashSweep 4D Result Welfare

For the municipal social welfare business 3.354 billion yuan. 4D Result Promotion The resettlement lottery in Chongqing is used in various projects such as social welfare, social assistance, disabled people, community construction and philanthropy. Welfare lottery has become an important source of financing for the development of social welfare and public welfare undertakings in Chongqing. To ensure people’s livelihood, CashSweep 4D News has made a significant contribution to improving people’s livelihood.