Welfare 4D lottery funds constitute

Welfare 4D lottery funds constitute

According to the “Regulations on Lottery Management” promulgated by the State Council, the funds of the Singapore 4D lottery are made up of three parts: lottery bonus, lottery issuance fee and lottery fund. The proportion of lottery funds shall be determined by the State Council. Sabah 4D News The proportion of the specific composition of lottery funds in different lottery varieties shall be determined by the financial department of the State Council in accordance with the decision of the State Council. First, the “lottery bonus” is used to pay lottery winners.

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Statistics together Fu Cai total return rate of more than 50%. Second, the “lottery issuance fee” refers to the expense of the operating expenses of the lottery issuer, the 4D Past Result lottery sales organization and the sales expenses of the lottery consignor. There is no cost in the distribution of sales lottery, in the process of issuing sales will produce such as lottery printing, transportation, warehousing, notary fees, consignment fees, technical system construction costs, the third, “lottery” The provisions of the sale of lottery to obtain sales income deduction bonus, after the issuance of funds after the net income, accounting for about 36% of Fucai funds issued sales revenue. Lottery issuance agency does not have the right to use public welfare fund, lottery public welfare fund into the central and local finance, 4d Result Malaysia Tips to use the unified distribution of financial. Fucai public welfare fund management mechanism in accordance with the Ministry of Finance promulgated the “lottery public welfare fund management approach” provides, Fucai and Lottery to raise the public welfare fund unified into the lottery public welfare fund for management and use, half of the local retained, half turned over to the central government. Centralized Lottery Chests are distributed at the rate of 60%, 30%, 5% and 5% respectively between the National Social Security Fund, the Central Special Lottery Chest, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Administration of Sports, respectively. Local retained lottery public welfare fund, by the provincial finance department to civil affairs, sports and other relevant departments to determine the distribution of the principle.

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Autonomous region welfare lottery distribution center and the Sports Bureau Sports Lottery Management Center implementation. 4D Result Malaysia Promotion to improve the lottery business facilities, to support the local game brand building, public welfare publicity, the use of the lottery market is mainly used for the coordination of regional, inter-agency, , The new game promotion, marketing, support business innovation, etc., can also be used to regulate the lottery market order, including the investigation of illegal lottery, maintenance of lottery market order necessary meetings, travel and commissioned third parties to carry out related work and other work expenses.