4D Result Malaysia online video lottery sales

4D Result Malaysia online video lottery sales

4D Result Malaysia Live construction scale rapid development, video lottery sales can be greatly improved. In order to enhance the management level of the sales offices and enhance the staff service awareness of the sales offices, the Singapore Pools Results improve the professional skills of the maintenance staff on the daily maintenance of the betting terminals, and promote the healthy and sustainable life of the online video lottery in our province. CashSweep 4D News stable development , Fucai in Yunnan Province held in Lijiang City, the province of the blessing online video lottery sales office daily management and betting terminal technical maintenance training.

Damacai 4D Malaysia Center Director

Yang Chunyuan, deputy director of the business department and the province’s 16 cities and municipalities video lottery sales business director and betting terminal equipment maintenance staff a total of 113 people participated in the training. 4D Malaysia Past Result training is divided into management training and technical training in two parts, the daily management of the sales office, marketing and marketing of terminal equipment maintenance and other aspects of daily maintenance and other aspects of the system of training. After the training, but also on the province’s video-type lottery sales office business executives and the state, 4D Result City Fucai Management Center is responsible for the maintenance of terminal equipment maintenance personnel conducted a business assessment and assessment of the situation one by one feedback and comments, The province in the blessing of the online sales office of the business level and technical level, for the future to improve work efficiency, good sales work has laid a good foundation. Shanxi Province Fucai Center Party branch held to study the party’s 18th session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the spiritual symposium, the organization of all party members and workers to seriously study the party’s Eighth Plenary Session of the Sixth Plenary Session, 4d Result Malaysia Tips to thoroughly understand the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session, To do a good job in our province Fucai work, the successful completion of the annual sales target tasks, make new contributions.

Welfare Center Sabah & Sarawak 4D results

4D The topic study comprehensively and strictly treat the party’s major issues. The 4D Result Promotion considers the adoption of the “Several Guidelines on the Political Life of the Party in the New Situation” and the “Regulations on Inner-Party Supervision of the Communist Party of China”. It is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. We must earnestly study and resolutely implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in order to carry out the great struggle of many new historical features and promote the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.