4D Result Introduction of iBET iLOTTERY PH Bet

4D Result Introduction of iBET iLOTTERY PH Bet

4D games is so popular that it could be part of life of Malaysians. It began from Malaysia and well-known among them. There are so many playing ways like Straight Bet, Lucky Pick Bet, Roll Bet, and Permutation Bet. Today 4D Result Malaysia is going to introduce you the way of 「PH」which is especially for you the lover of 4D >> Login 4D now !

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4D Result take you further into what is PH Bet

The PH Bet refers to the betting of 6 sets of 4 digits chosen from player with fixed 1st digit and generated the following 3 digits.

For example:1234 with fixed 1st digit, you can generate 6 sets with other digits which are 1234, 1243, 1324, 1342, 1423 and 1432.

# Back Number Rolling Number Number of Permutations
1 1 234 1234
2 1 243 1243
3 1 342 1342
4 1 324 1324
5 1 423 1423
6 1 432 1432

With this PH Bet you get more possible sets and better chances of winning. 4D Result Malaysia would announce 23 sets of winning prizes with 4 digits, and the winning prize depends on Big Bet and Small Bet of each player!

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iBET iLOTTERY the odds up to RM3400 with Big Bet;And up to RM4800 with Small Bet. You can never miss iBET Online Casino Malaysia 4D online betting if you’d like to win a big prize!

iBET Lottery highly odds

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Malaysia online 4D betting in iLOTTERY by iBET Malaysia

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