Malaysia 4D Result Game Introduction ─ 4D PT Bets

Malaysia 4D Result  Game Introduction ─ 4D PT Bets

4D is a popular betting game in Malaysia that could be part of their lives. There are many playing ways like Straight Bet, Lucky Pick Bet, Roll Bet, and Permutation Bet. Today 4D Result is going to introduce you the special way “PT Bet” which you should never miss!

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4D Result Malaysia take you further to PT Bet

In PT, there are 6 number sets with fixed 4th digit and composing the first 3 digits.

As following picture shows, when you bet 1234, you would get 6 sets which are 1234、1324、2134、2314、3124、3214 that are composed of changing first 3 digits.

# Rolling Number Back Number Number of Permutations
1 123 4 1234
2 132 4 1324
3 213 4 2134
4 231 4 2314
5 312 4 3124
6 321 4 3214

With this PT Bet you get more possible sets and better chances of winning. 4D Result Malaysia would announce 23 sets of winning prizes with 4 digits, and the winning prize depends on Big Bet and Small Bet of each player!

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