4D Result Fucai Industry Information Security

4D Result Fucai Industry Information Security

August 11, 2016, 3 days of 4d stc Fucai industry information security training course successfully concluded. The training course hosted by the Fucai Technology Research Center, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region welfare lottery distribution center contractors. From the 22 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) Fucai center technical staff, the welfare center in the relevant departments and 4d stc Fucai Technology Research Center, a total of more than 70 people participated in the Sport ToTo Malaysia training. For the training of teaching experts and professors of the National Informatization Expert Advisory Committee members Shen Changxiang academician, the People’s Liberation Army Information Engineering University professor of the Ministry of Public Security communications security expert Shi Zhigang, Shanghai Jiaotong University Information Security Service Technology Research Laboratory Deputy Director Shan Rongsheng. Scr888 three professors from different angles, different levels, theory with practice, for students to teach the information security related content.

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This paper introduces the innovation and development of Singapore Pools 4D information security level protection system, and puts forward the technical guarantee system of active defense. Professor Shi Zhigang through a major domestic information security case, the network security risk analysis, and introduced a level based on the protection of security solutions. Mr. Thomas Billbach, of GLI Lottery Company, introduced the current situation and key issues of information security in the 4d stc lottery industry. He taught the relevant knowledge of ISO27001 and the World Lottery Association Safety Control Standard and discussed the students with a heated discussion. Doubts. Professor Shan Rongsheng from the application of security point of view, the existence of the risk analysis, and put forward the Damacai 4D Past Result coping strategies, so that students benefit greatly. After listening to the lectures of the professors, the students conducted an exchange of experience, group discussion, on the 4d stc Fucai information security status, Fucai information security construction and development, Fucai technical system communication, Ministry of Civil Affairs welfare lottery information security and system testing key experiment Room construction, technology research center information security services, made valuable suggestions and suggestions.

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During the training the students use their spare time to visit the data room 4D Result Promotion of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 4d stc Welfare Center, conducted field visits and study. Technology Minister Zhang Zheng to the participants introduced the Inner Mongolia Fucai Center data room, sales system, information security construction, technical support and other related information. Through three days of study and training, students have said that the training of 4d stc teaching content professional, teaching teacher authority, both 4dresult News technical theory knowledge, but also practical application cases, inspired by the benefit of a lot. China Fucai Technology Research Center held the Fucai industry information security training courses, aims to improve the level of information security at all levels of awareness of the importance of information security, strengthen information security awareness, enhance the level of information security for the healthy development of Fu Cai do a good job of technical support.