Xianning held 4D Result anti-corruption work

Xianning held 4D Result anti-corruption work

Xianning City held the city’s Magnum 4D Tips system anti-corruption advocacy duties Duty  Magnum 4D Tips promotion and financial rectification training will be held on the morning of November 8, Xianning held the city’s Fucai system of anti-corruption work duties to promote the work and financial rectification training. County Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in charge of the director, sub-station owners, in the blessing online lobby manager, the staff and the city management station all participants. Xianning Magnum 4D Tips Management Station Gao Xiaoming Director first conveyed the province’s Fucai system anti-corruption work duties to promote the spirit of the meeting, and the next phase of the city ToTo 4D Malaysia work arrangements for the deployment. At the meeting, the city Fucai management station in charge of the provincial finance department in Xianning City Financial Supervision and Inspection Office of the city management station, county district sub-station January 2014 to June 2016 financial inspection and the provincial center of the city The preliminary results of the financial review of the CFSF in 2015 were communicated and the rectification training was conducted on the issues and feedback presented in the inspection report.


Xianning Civil Affairs Bureau in charge of Sabah 4D


He Mingxian at the meeting requirements: one to recognize the city’s welfare system of anti-corruption work duties of the new situation, strengthen the city’s Magnum 4D Tips system of anti-corruption work of the sense of urgency, responsibility. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial party and village groups, to take practical measures to continuously strengthen the welfare system of clean government and anti-corruption work, in line with the cause responsible for the individual, responsible for the family, solid work, innocence, , To create a good atmosphere of the wind is good atmosphere, and constantly promote the welfare system of anti-corruption work in-depth development; Second, we must clear the responsibility and effective implementation of the main responsibility, effective performance duties. Requiring the head of the civil affairs department of the prefecture and city departments and the main person in charge of the Magnum 4D Tips and all the party members and cadres must strengthen the sense of responsibility, tighten the responsibility of the string, the main responsibility, supervision and leadership responsibility level pressure In fact, the responsibility is implemented in peacetime, implemented to manage every Singapore Pools 4D.

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Standardize financial management. To clarify the responsibility of rectification, strengthen the rectification measures. Improve the management mechanism, strengthen supervision and supervision, strict accountability, the implementation of a good budget, make great efforts to implement rectification, and strive to achieve results as soon as possible. He Shuji finally stressed that Damacai 1 + 3D News is the key moment of the task of sprinting the annual goal, we must strictly ask ourselves, take the lead in setting a good team, with good team, to maintain a good mental state, distracted, 4D Promotion concentrate on the mind Used in the implementation of the work, tightly pegged to the city’s Magnum 4D Tips development goals, to adapt to the new normal, seek new development and achieve new breakthroughs, and strive to create Magnum 4D Tips system anti-corruption work a new situation, more pragmatic style, more standardized Management, more promising, more solid measures to ensure the full completion of the annual welfare of the various tasks.