4D Result Malaysia today launched two

4D Result Malaysia today launched two

New CashSweep 4D “Golden Mahjong” and “10 All 10 US”, to celebrate with the color fans with double scrape bonus! “Mahjong” is a popular “mahjong” series of products, priced at 300 yuan each, the first prize of 3 million yuan a total of 8, there are more than 130,000 1,500 yuan awards, the total prize of more than 2.92 million One, like Sport ToTo the color fans do not miss. “10 all 10 US” price of 200 yuan each, a total of three first prize of 200 million, the sum of 10 per game to get bonuses, “addition type” is simple and interesting to play, very suitable for fans in October double 10 National Day holiday try-luck win bonuses.

CashSweep 4D “Mahjong” 4D Result Malaysia

Is the first play of the award, introduced a variety of denominations are popular with the public, as the star of CashSweep 4D goods. A total of 8 million jackpot prizes of more than $ 1.3 million and over $ 1.3 million were awarded with a total prize of $ 2.92 million and a total prize winning rate of 35.84%. In addition to playing the mahjong symbols, such as “playing cards” and “playing cards”, if you play the “East”, “South”, “West” and “North” in the “Past Singapore 4D Result” “Four mahjong symbols, you can get bonus 1,500 yuan! Leisure time favorite playing mahjong pastime people do not have to play cards, they can enjoy the fun to Sport ToTo.

Singapore 4D News “10 10 US” each priced at 200 yuan

A total of three first prize of 200 million, simple and interesting “addition type” games are played in 10 innings, any game as long as the scratch area of the two figures The sum of 10,4d Tips that the Council bonus, up to 10 times the winning chance. 4D Result Malaysia Invites everyone to “buy lottery tickets, do public service and accumulate merit”. For more information on CashSweep 4D, please visit “CashSweep 4D” at 4D Result Malaysia website and “Announcements” in the news section.