Typhoon 4D Result Malaysia zero-loss industry

Typhoon 4D Result Malaysia zero-loss industry

Last weekend, in the strong typhoon “hippocampus” under the attack, Shanwei City, Singapore Pools 4D Center in accordance with the emergency plan deployment, rapid action to ensure that the city Fucai practitioners and property security to protect the safe operation of the sales facilities, Industry “zero loss”. Recently, Shanwei City Fucai Center from the weather station was informed that this year on the 22nd strong typhoon ToTo 4D Malaysia is expected to 21 noon to the evening positive landing Shanwei City, the center near the maximum wind 14, will cause serious damage to Shanwei. Shanwei City, Singapore Pools 4D Center quickly implement the work of the higher deployment.


Strengthen the responsibility to implement the CashSweep 4D Result

Strengthen the Magnum 4D Past Result defensive measures, go all out to do the work of the Singapore Pools 4D: firmly establish the “rather ten anti-nine empty, can not fail in case” concept, tight string, riveting enough strength. First, play a “three management” mechanism and the group leader management system, through the telephone, WeChat, QQ and other communication network to quickly inform the blessing online sales offices and betting stations to prevent typhoons, anti-rain, anti-soaking and other preventive measures, , The Singapore Pools 4D reinforcement treatment to ensure safety and safety; the second is to start the “security inspection system”, the group sent to the county (district) for betting station security risks investigation; third is to start contingency plans, the establishment of emergency team, Weekend vacation, strengthen the 24-hour duty system.

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In the Shanwei city government issued a “do a good job on the Singapore Pools 4D after the defense rainstorm, heavy rain and disaster relief work emergency notice”, Shanwei city center staff all the staff quickly to the post, with the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to do disaster relief and disaster Re-production work. In this fight against the typhoon “hippocampus” in the process, Fucai system to give full play to the grassroots managers take the lead role in the demonstration, the 4d Tips to the implementation of the “responsible, dare to play” the spirit of the pool, for the Singapore Pools 4D industry Built a solid “wind wall” to protect the betting station and Sandakan 4D News practitioners of life and property safety, in the wind and disaster on the front line to produce a satisfactory answer.