4D Result Malaysia and Telecom to Build Wisdom

 4D Result Malaysia and Telecom to Build Wisdom

Shanxi Fucai and the provincial telecommunications signed “Internet + wisdom Magnum 4D Malaysia” strategic cooperation agreement. Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Xue Weidong, general manager of provincial telecommunications Li Hongbin, deputy general manager Jin Jianyong, director of the provincial welfare center Li Xin, deputy director of the relevant department heads attended the signing ceremony. Provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Xue Weidong at the signing ceremony pointed out: welfare Magnum 4D Malaysia as a combination of market economy and social welfare of new areas, new industries, has broad prospects for development. In the new technological development conditions, in order to adapt to the development of the Internet era, we must constantly update the technical level, enhance the development capacity. The province of telecommunications companies in the development and construction of information technology has a good reputation and rich resources, the “Internet + wisdom Fucai” strategic cooperation, is the use of Sandakan 4D development platform, with the support of the provincial telecommunications company to speed up the wisdom of Fucai construction.


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Stronger vitality, so that Shanxi Province Magnum 4D Malaysia sales of technical means in the Internet conditions more secure and convenient. Hope that the two sides based on the development strategy, seize the development opportunities, focus on the overall situation, complement each other, the strategic cooperation requirements and measures to implement well, to achieve good, to achieve good, and actively promote the cause of safe and healthy development of Shanxi Province, made new achievements, brilliant. Shanxi Fucai cooperation with the telecommunications In recent years, Shanxi Fucai in the team building, channel development, Sport ToTo Tips and other aspects of promotion efforts, Singapore 4D cause has made considerable progress. As of October 20, the province sold a total of 3.501 billion yuan of welfare lottery, raising 1.33 billion yuan of public welfare fund for the province’s welfare Magnum 4D Malaysia “thirteen five” development of a good start, a good step to lay a solid foundation for Shanxi Province, the development of social welfare and the construction of a harmonious society has made outstanding contributions.


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Shanxi branch as Shanxi regional comprehensive information service provider, advanced technology, covering a wide range, the strength, with coverage of the province, accessible nationwide, the world’s modern communications network, with advanced management concepts, strong Magnum 4D Malaysia strength and mature The operation of the market experience. For a long time, uphold social responsibility and corporate mission, the pursuit of corporate value and customer value of the common growth of the business philosophy and customer first, the intention of service service concept to a safe and smooth network, health and environmental protection products, convenient and efficient service for the province Information construction provides a strong communication support and comprehensive information services, to promote the development of Shanxi made Magnum 4D Malaysia contribution. The start of the strategic cooperation, not only conducive to customer service, interactive expansion of customer groups, and fully explore the market potential, to achieve complementary advantages of resources, will also help each other learn from each other operating mode and management experience, improve internal management and operational quality of service , For the development of both companies into the CashSweep 4D News.