Fortune 4D Result Malaysia Live Training Seminar

Fortune 4D Result Malaysia Live Training Seminar

China Welfare Lottery Brand Image Customer Satisfaction Survey Sport ToTo Malaysia Project Training will be held in Taiyuan. Scr888 meeting by the Fucai Center supervision and inspection room organization, Liu Suyun director presided over the meeting. Deputy Director of the Fucai Center Dong Tianfu, Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Xue Weidong attended the meeting, from Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hainan and other 11 provinces, Fucai Center related personnel attended the meeting. Shanxi Province Fucai Center Director Li Xin, deputy director of Bai Wenbin and other related personnel also attended the meeting. At the meeting, Professor Xue Weidong speech: a long time, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department Party Group attaches great importance to welfare lottery Sport ToTo Malaysia issue sales work, always the welfare lottery as an important support for the development of civil affairs do a good job, take the initiative to create a good policy for the work Environment and development atmosphere, in order to promote the safety and healthy development of Shanxi Fu Cai into a strong driving force.

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Customer satisfaction survey project training will be held in our province, both in the Fucai Center for our trust and support, but also on the work of Shanxi Fucai spur and encouragement, hope that the guests of Shanxi Fucai work more valuable advice, leaving valuable experience The Sport ToTo Malaysia extension cord Consulting Group Vice President Li Jinhui carried out in simple terms analyzed in terms of the Welfare Sabah & Sarawak 4D results brand image building, the concept of customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction research, but also on the ways and means of Customer Satisfaction Survey , The survey structure of the operation mode for the presence of students to do a detailed interpretation, so that all the participants harvest quite well. At the meeting, Shanghai Fucai Center made a presentation on the work of satisfaction survey. Sport ToTo Malaysia, Dong Tianfu, deputy secretary made a concluding speech: Damacai 4D Past Result Whether it is safe to run from the lottery industry, healthy development requirements or from the response to public opinion needs, establish a Chinese welfare lottery brand image, has become an urgent requirement.

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To enhance the importance of China’s welfare lottery brand image 4D Result Malaysia Promotion, is also a common international approach. The introduction of a third-party evaluation system is an innovative way of working and an innovative way to meet the new requirements of Sport ToTo Malaysia, improve service levels and improve service quality. Hope to be scientific rigor, seeking truth Sandakan 4D News pragmatic attitude to do this work, improve services, improve services, so as to improve the credibility of the blessing of the brand influence. It is understood that the Sport ToTo Malaysia China Welfare Lottery brand image of customer satisfaction survey project, early for the 11 provinces and municipalities to carry out pilot operation, two years will gradually advance in the country.