4D Result Malaysia National Fucai Sales Champion

4D Result Malaysia National Fucai Sales Champion

Recently, in 2016, Guangdong Province, Damacai 4D Result Malaysia welfare lottery work conference held in Huizhou. 2015, Guangdong Fucai sales still maintain a strong posture, annual sales of more than 20 billion yuan, which is a surprising results. In the raising of the Community Chest, more than 5.9 billion yuan, for the social welfare and social welfare undertakings made a positive contribution. The meeting also conveyed the spirit of the National Welfare Lottery Work Conference in 2016, summed up the Guangdong Province, 2015 welfare CashSweep 4D Result lottery work, deployed in 2016 work, in recognition of the 2015 annual welfare lottery sales comprehensive evaluation of the award-winning units. Last year sales of 20.5 billion yuan in 2015, Guangdong Fucai in accordance with the “consolidation, norms, improve” the work of thinking, “steady growth, and development, construction mechanism, strong management, tree image” as the goal, take the initiative to adapt to the new economic development, To overcome difficulties, solid work, to achieve the Guangdong Province Damacai 4D Result Malaysia Singapore 4D ToTo Sport lottery sales steady and healthy development. 2015 annual sales of the province once again exceeded 20 billion yuan, a total sales of 20.5 billion yuan of welfare lottery to raise the public welfare fund 5.91 billion yuan, the annual prize of more than one million yuan 107, personal casualties paid 260 million yuan, for 8 consecutive years Won the first national sales. Among them, the computer ticket sales of 14.69 billion yuan, accounting for 71.6% of total sales; scraping music that billing sales of 2.67 billion yuan, accounting for 15.3% of total sales, an increase of 7.9%. These tickets always maintain a stable development trend. In the 2015 national welfare 4D Singapore Past Result lottery work performance appraisal again in the total sales of the first and comprehensive evaluation score first two awards.

Damacai 4D Result Malaysia sales analysis

Annual sales exceeded 20 billion yuan of the city and a new member. Among them, the Guangzhou City Damacai 4D Result Malaysia sales reached 3.94 billion yuan, Dongguan City, sales of 2.81 billion yuan, Shenzhen City, Damacai 1 + 3D Tips sales of 2.69 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that Foshan City, the annual sales of 2 billion yuan to a new level. From the increase in the data, Guangdong Province, 19 cities (districts) to achieve positive growth, of which Chaozhou and Huizhou City, the most obvious increase, respectively, 13.7% and 10%. In terms of market share, the market share of 16 cities exceeded the provincial average, of which Yangjiang, Heyuan, Chaozhou and Huizhou City, the market share of more than 70%. It is understood that the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Guangdong Province, China’s lottery issue in the history of the first single province sales exceeded 20 billion yuan in the province, five years cumulative sales benefits 912 billion yuan to raise $ 26.8 billion, Is the “Eleventh Five-Year” period of 2.5 times and 2.2 times, to achieve the 4D Result Promotion sales by leaps and bounds for the social welfare and social welfare undertakings made a positive contribution. Explore the “Internet +” application to promote the provincial welfare center responsible person said that the Guangdong Fucai Center will be in the “Internet +” application to promote a series of exploration. He said that the city’s blessing center to actively promote the site in the “Internet +” applications, promote electronic charts, wireless WIFI device, remote video broadcasting, etc., to further enhance the service site marketing marketing capabilities. Guangdong Damacai 4D Result Malaysia Fucai also cooperation with mobile information APP opened the headlines, the timely push of Guangdong Fucai news, promotional announcements, etc., the three promotional notice total display reached more than 1600 million times, and strengthen the promotion of the official WeChat, To achieve WeChat and the official website of the two-way linkage, as Lottery to participate in promotional activities, one of the effective ways, and successfully harvested a lot of scr888 “fans”, at present, the official micro concerned about the number of users has more than 53 million.

Sandakan 4D News Fucai information construction

Upgrade the stc 4d computer ticket sales system, the new system storage capacity and processing capacity increased significantly, this major technological transformation projects have been successfully completed on March 7 this year, the upgrade work; the construction of the province Fucai video conferencing training system; last year also completed The province and more than 14,000 sets of betting machine hardware and software development and replacement work; it is worth mentioning that, Damacai 4D Result Malaysia Fu Cai take the initiative to adapt to consumer trends, with mobile banking, WeChat payment and other APP to achieve online settlement and CUP credit card real-time payment Business, improve the timeliness and security of the payment. Last year, the typhoon “rainbow” to bring a serious disaster in Guangdong Province, the province’s welfare system of positive action, from October last year for three consecutive months to carry out welfare lottery relief funds special raised sales activities to raise Chest 44.85 million yuan special for post-disaster reconstruction work. And check4d Fucai also for five consecutive years to carry out the welfare lottery to help the poor to raise special sales activities, “second Five-Year” period to raise a total of “helping the poor” public welfare fund more than 7100 million; also concerned about the growth of young children left to carry out the fourth ” Guangdong Fucai nursery plan “and the sixth stay young children blessing summer camp, the province benefited more than 7,000 children. In addition, the province’s Fucai institutions also carried out a variety of public welfare activities. The meeting, Damacai 4D Result Malaysia highly valued, Louqu fruit vice president made a special trip to attend the meeting and speech, he was fully affirmed the work of welfare lottery in Guangdong Province, and made new expectations, he said the Guangdong welfare lottery In the “second Five-Year” period sales have always maintained the first in the country, for the cause of the national welfare lottery to make outstanding contributions to the hope that Guangdong Fucai continue to dare to first, the courage to innovate and scientific development for the national welfare lottery business development and make new contributions.