Tutorial Of iBET Extra deposit bonus in 4D result

Tutorial Of iBET 100% Extra deposit bonus in 4D result

Thank you all for your support! ”iBET 100% Extra deposit bonus ” has ended! Please follow iBET for more bonus!

iBET online casino to let member to have the gaming enjoyment also on weekdays launches “triple weekdays deposit bonus” for you.During the event, you just need to deposit the designate amount on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday, and you can get 100% deposit bonus! Now  follow iBET following steps!

4D Result Remind you Login iBET first and get the extra bonus now !

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iBET Extra 100% Deposit Bonus in 4D Result Malaysia

iBET Extra 100% Deposit Bonus in 4D Result Malaysia

4D result : Tutorial Of Steps to Getting iBET 100% Extra deposit bonus

Step 1:

Enter 4D result’s website and click login button to login.

Step 2:

After logged into your account. As the icon shows up, it means you’ve being logged into your account.

Step 3:

After login, please click the “DEPOSIT” button to enter the depositing page.

iBET 100% Extra deposit bonus Tutorial – 4D result Malaysia

Step 4:

Please fill in the details about your deposit information accordingly.


  1. To get the triple weekdays deposit bonus, you need to deposit the designate amount in your iMONEY wallet (which is RM30, RM100 or RM300).
  2. Member can only choose 1 from the 3 options to claim per day.

Step 5:

After depositing money and filling out the form, please choose “Extra 100% Deposit Bonus” in Promotion Package section and click “SUBMIT” as completing the form.

Still don’t know how to deposit money in your iMONEY? Just let iBET teach you how to make a deposit.

After sending out your request form, the application procedure is completed. Please wait a moment for the deposit and the bonus points to be added into your account. After Customer Service completes the procedure, you can view your deposit bonus records in “Bonus Points” section in your account’s “History” page.

Example: If you deposit RM30, you can get the deposit bonus of RM30.