4D Result lottery promote work to open new ideas

4D Result lottery promote work to open new ideas

July 4, the province’s welfare lottery work will be held in Tianshui. The meeting summed up the first half of 2016 the province’s welfare lottery work, the study deployed the second half of the welfare Damacai 4D Malaysia lottery sales work. Provincial Civil Affairs Department Party Secretary, Director Li Zhixun, Deputy Director Cui Jintai, Wang Fude, Provincial Civil Affairs Department Deputy Inspector Zhang Zili, Tianshui Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Zhang Mingtai, Provincial Welfare Center Director Bai Bo, Party Secretary Zhang Hui and the province 14 Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, Fucai Center Director attended the meeting. Gansu held scr888 welfare lottery work promotion meeting Lee said in his speech: First, fully aware of the current welfare lottery sales face new situation and new tasks, stressed that Damacai 4D Malaysia Fucai work is facing increased market competition, the game richer, more diverse channels , The regulation is more standardized, the society is more concerned about the more advanced technology and new requirements, the urgent need to actively promote the reform and development work; the second is to accurately locate the welfare lottery in promoting the province’s civil affairs development in the important role. Stressed that the welfare lottery is the civil affairs department “for the party and the government share the worry, for the difficult masses to solve the problem” to achieve the government public service sector Sandakan 4D important carrier.

Caught Damacai 4D Malaysia Fucai work

To seize the development of the social welfare of the locomotive, the hub, the social welfare undertakings have a “source of living water”; third is the civil affairs departments to effectively strengthen the welfare of the Singapore Pools 4D lottery work leadership, requiring municipalities We will pay tribute to the work of welfare lottery and strengthen the work of welfare lottery, and enhance the use efficiency of Damacai 4D Malaysia welfare fund. Fourth, the lottery organization should do a good job in welfare lottery sales management work, From the grasp of the work of responsibility, grasping sales management, grasping safety supervision, grasping the team building, grasping the construction of clean government five aspects of the province Fucai system made a clear request. Finally, the Director Li proposed to strengthen the confidence and maintain the strategic strength, focus on deepening the province’s civil affairs reform, earnestly implement the “13666” reform and development ideas and “13555” Sport ToTo Past Result own construction ideas, more consciously put The mission and the cause to take up, the confidence into the reform and innovation of exploration, into the practice of solving difficult problems, into the implementation of the task, to accelerate the development of Damacai 4D Malaysia welfare lottery business, practical action for the rich Xinglong, a well-off contribution power.

Welfare Lottery 4d Result Malaysia Tips Market Analysis

Provincial Welfare Center Director Bai Bo conducted a comprehensive analysis of the sales of the first half of Gansu Province Damacai 4D Malaysia lottery sales, 14 city state welfare center director of the city work were reported, together with the analysis of the 4D deposit bonus work problems and put forward The next step of the work of ideas and plans. Wang Fude, deputy director of the report after the report pointed out that the province’s Fucai system to strengthen confidence, earnestly implement the Lee Director’s “13666” reform and development ideas and “13555” self-construction ideas, to develop new ideas, And more efforts to complete the provincial and municipal departments issued by the year 2016 CashSweep 4D News sales tasks for the welfare of Gansu Province, the cause of social welfare to contribute to the development.