MAGNUM 4D Result Share festive season!

MAGNUM 4D Result Share festive season!

DAMACAI Chinese new year offering care, donated 800,000 Kichisuke charity!

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MAGNUM 4D Result Share festive season!

DAMACAI annual corporate social responsibility activities, and to celebrate the Chinese new year to those in need, share the joy with holiday atmosphere. 2016 colorful Spring Festival charity event in Malaysia, today in Shirley Lung Association for the rehabilitation of the disabled (PPOC), chorus of gongs and infinite wonderful lion dance performances, kicked off for this Act of kindness.

Inherited spirit interested in charities in previous years, this year a total of 80 charities get MAGNUM 4D Result total donations of 800,000 ringgit, celebrate the auspicious RAM. The donated money will help charities and voluntary organizations for day-to-day operations and overhead, to needy people, including senior citizens, orphans, disabled and marginalized people, providing better service. Along with this years contributions, MAGNUM 4D Result holiday charity donations totalling more than 15 million ringgit.

MAGNUM 4D Result Managing Director Chen Guanghan said: holiday charity event is the companys ongoing commitments, aims atimproving color quality of life of disadvantaged groups within the communities.
This activity has been going on for the past 22 years, helping many disadvantaged persons for their basic living can be part of theeconomic aid, especially during the holiday season.
“MAGNUM 4D Result will continue its efforts to contribute to the community, and strive to bring about better and more comprehensive community charitable activities that brings joy and meaning. Mr Chen said.About 150 including disabled guests, the elderly, orphans and the poor, access to multiple Chinese cuisine treat, and to see the Chinese culture and singing performances. Uphold the Lunar New Year Festival, DAMACAI and Agent Orange distribute red envelopes, andyears of senior management, a scene of jubilation.
In line with this national charity, today in the region in the promotion ceremony, a total of 35 from snow long and Pahang charitieswill each receive a 10,000 ringgit, assistance worth 350,000 ringgit.
MAGNUM 4D Result In addition, the assistance of North District and South District handover ceremony, will be 2016, on February 18 and February 19respectively in Perak and Malacca to distribute the remaining 450,000 ringgit relief grants to 45 charitable organizations.
DAMACAI is MAGNUM 4D Result DAMACAI Sdn Bhd brand Malaysia accredited number forecast operators. DAMACAI through a series of projects andactivities to be held in the country, actively supporting the education, social welfare and public health all the year round public welfare activities in the field. With the power of education Pte Ltd (Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd) for DAMACAI, educationDynamics DAMACAI obtained its net dividend all donation payments. Through this structure, DAMACAI is essentially from a profit-making company into public welfare undertakings, and to contribute to the Community Chest for a long time, Li Hui community.


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