DAMACAI 4D Result Malaysia give ang pow!

DAMACAI 4D Result Malaysia give ang pow!

DAMACAI 4D Result Malaysia distributed 500,000 jida Red charity happy new year DAMACAI 4D Result Malaysia organized the North District Lunar New year charity, today in the traditional Chinese lion dance and deafening gongs and drums under the festive atmosphere, and spent his childhood in Penang homes for fun. This annual charity event is a DAMACAI corporate social responsibility activities launched in 1994.

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DAMACAI Malaysia distributed ang pow!

This DAMACAI 4D Result Malaysia Chinese new year charity campaign has entered its 19th year this year. This year, the organizers will donate a total of 500,000 Ringgit to 50 charities nationwide, its members will benefit from this activity. These donations will be used for development for the elderly, orphans, poverty, socio-economic families and charities and voluntary organisations that provide services for disabled. Plus this years funding, this Spring Festival charity has allocated over 12 million ringgit donation.

DAMACAI Executive Director Chen Guanghan said horse color our feedback and enhancing societys belief that this Chinese new year charity events since its introduction in 1994, in the 19 years I have never stopped.

Chen said: “in recent years, the challenges faced by countries, as well as the global economy faces shaking crises; it has told us that life is so unpredictable. If we have felt the impact of difficult economic and inflation, visualize, far-reaching impact on the lives of disadvantaged groups. For them, festivals and celebrations are a luxury, many people are unable to enjoy. Therefore, we are very pleased to be among this large horse color Spring Festival charity, become a platform for us to share the festive joy with them. ”

Mix recommended Li, DAMACAI 4D Result Malaysia for 200 disabled people, orphans, the elderly and the poor, held a special lunar new year party. Guests can enjoy not only the big lunch, watch a wonderful stage performance set off laughter and interactive games. DAMACAI 4D Result Malaysia According to tradition, every visit guests also receive red envelopes, and citrus.

At the launching ceremony, the General Assembly also handed over a cheque worth 150,000 Ringgit to 15 from Penang, Kedah and Perak charities.

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