4D Result Malaysia Fa Cai Contact with the work

4D Result Malaysia Fa Cai Contact with the work

Dalian city area is not large, but in addition to the four districts of the city, high-tech park, the other counties and cities from the city center are not close, from the farthest Damacai 4D Malaysia north of the county-level city drive to go 3 More hours. In carrying out the “two learning and one learning” learning and education activities, Dalian Fucai Center is in close contact with the actual situation, for the grassroots level, the establishment of service awareness, improve the work style, and earnestly for the actual situation of the betting station to reduce the burden of betting sales staff , Save their valuable sales time, while deepening the grassroots in the process, to strengthen communication with the site, the work done at the grassroots level, listen to the sound from the sales line, improve relations and enhance mutual trust, will be carried out recently for the betting station to carry out several activities Move to the grassroots level, to strengthen the communication and understanding, greatly improving the scr888 activities. Damacai 4D Malaysia will be held seven days ago, Dalian Fucai Center on the check4d computer welfare lottery star betting station commendation, and 2016 star rating work to mobilize, for the betting station star rating work more close to the people, The center to change the past to focus on the city to open a meeting of the habit of practice, but to send staff assigned to the city districts and counties, sub-regional use of nearly half of the time held a total of 7 commemorative meeting, and star betting station prizes To the scene.

Damacai 4D Malaysia will be open to the door

To facilitate the consignment of participants and receive sabah 88 4D prizes, the number of participants reached more than 800 people, than the concentration of the meeting increased by more than two percent. At the same time, but also with the city Fucai Center responsible person zero distance to understand the work of the center ideas, exchange ideas, communication feelings. In the early summer season, the center staff in the top sun, Damacai 4D Malaysia take the heat, regardless of pommel horse Lawton, in exchange for the convenience of the majority of first-line sales staff, this not only the majority of consignees and sales staff feel comfortable, but also greatly encouraged, more determined They stick to Fucai sales line, for the Dalian Fucai and then set new confidence and determination. Four training will be sent to the grassroots 6 at the end of Liaoning Province Fucai Center will be in the province to carry out Fucai 3D games promotional activities of the news, in order to improve the city’s blessing betting station Singapore Pools ToTo sales level, so that Dalian Lottery in the promotional activities of the harvest More happy and winning opportunities, Dalian Fucai Center in front of the activities of the city to carry out the sales of Fucai 3D players marketing skills training Damacai 4D Malaysia. In order to allow more sales staff to participate in training, learn more practical 3D marketing skills, City Fucai Center decided to focus on the past to carry out a training in the city, broken down into a number of grass-roots training. Before the start of the promotion, the provincial and municipal welfare center training department staff with a special Magnum 4D Past Result color work trainers, in the city, Jinzhou New Area, Pulandian, Lushun and other places has carried out four training, from the city Within the four districts, Jinzhou New Area, Lushunkou District, Pulandian District, Wafangdian City, Zhuanghe City and Changhai County, more than 500 betting station sales staff received training.

Sport ToTo Tips betting personnel in remote areas

They are actually looking forward to more opportunities to participate in the city Fucai Center of the various types of 4D Result Promotion, and from the past, but in the past because of the distance, run a trip will delay a day, so often have to give up Damacai 4D Malaysia rare Of the learning opportunities, this time to receive training, not only learned the practical marketing betting skills, but also get the opportunity to exchange, feel both valuable and timely, go back to the things that must be used to the actual sales, so Lottery Winning, increase Fucai viscosity. In some remote areas, betting salespeople say they are looking forward to more opportunities to participate in, and benefit from, the various types of training organized by the City Fucai Center, but in the past, due to Damacai 4D Malaysia, Time, so often have to give up the rare learning opportunities, this time to the nearest training, not only learned the practical Magnum 4D News marketing betting skills, but also get the opportunity to communicate, feel both valuable and timely, go back to learn Something good use to the actual sales, so that lottery winners, increase the blessing color viscosity.