4D Welfare Lottery Distribution Center Market

4D Welfare Lottery Distribution Center Market

4D Result Malaysia Two directors of the Holy Land line to carry out the Singapore 4D activities in Henan. The research group has visited the city of Fuzhou Fucai public welfare fund project, Dehua Street Zhongfu online hall and some Fucai betting station, and with the provincial Civil Affairs Department deputy director Meng Chao, provincial director Ye Chuan and the business department room on the game development, Magnum 4D News Channel construction, marketing and fund management, and other aspects of the exchange of talks.

Magnum 4D Malaysia Welfare Center Research Group Visited

Zhengzhou City Children’s Welfare Institute rehabilitation center, special education schools and tending nursery functional areas, to see the orphans and disabled children living here, a detailed understanding of the hospital’s business in recent years to carry out the situation. The research group listened carefully to the work report of the children’s welfare institute, and comprehensively understood the use of the welfare welfare project of Zhengzhou Children’s Welfare Institute. The director of the holy text pointed out that the 4D Singapore Past Result is trying to create a promising future for the children. The work of the orphans and disabled children is a sacred undertaking. The Chinese faretery will further strengthen the support of the child welfare agencies. Chest help to more orphans and disabled children. At the time of leaving, Yang Jun, deputy director of Henan Province on behalf of the welfare lottery distribution center to the Zhengzhou Children’s Welfare Institute donated the value of 66,000 yuan books. 10 morning, the research group in the provincial welfare center director Ye Chuan, computer ticket manager Ma Kai, accompanied by 4d Tips Kaifeng welfare lottery distribution center research welfare lottery distribution management. Kaifeng City Welfare Lottery Distribution Center Office, the research team leaders and Kaifeng City Fucai Center all cadres and workers to discuss. The 4D Result Fook Choi Center Research Group leaders gave full recognition and high evaluation of the achievements made in Henan Fucai distribution work, and hope that the provincial welfare center will continue to adhere to the “safe operation, healthy development” of the work Policy, and constantly expand the circulation, for the country to raise more public welfare fund, make greater contributions to social welfare undertakings.

Sabah 88 4D Symposium

4D Result Malaysia Live Li Yajun, deputy director of Kaifeng Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, introduced the work of Kaifeng Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in implementing welfare lottery “number one” project, fulfilling welfare and lottery supervision and management functions, and Lu Chunxiang, director of city welfare center, The main practice, 4D + xxx bonus problems and problems, and combined with the actual work put forward the work proposal. After the meeting, the research team came to Zhongfu online video lottery sales hall and part of the betting station, and sales staff and Lottery to understand the sales situation at the same time, listen carefully to sales staff and Lottery comments and suggestions.