66 Lucky Customers 4dresult Won RM18,000

66 Lucky Customers 4dresult Won RM18,000

Damacai 4dresult customer number from all over the horses favored by fortune, recently held in the damacai 4dresult “Victory Tips Play n Win” Game three in the contest to damacai 4dresult win cash. A total of 66 customers took home damacai 4dresult RM1,000 worth 10,008 cash prize; includes six each damacai 4dresult RM1,000 prizes and 60 consolation prizes of RM200 parts.

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Damacai 4dresult Buy at Least a Single RM10 Damacai Jackpot Lucky Number

4d chatbox From 2015, held May 1 to June 30 racing game three in any one damacai 4dresult betting ticket sales shop to buy at least a single RM10 DMC Jackpot lucky number, fill in the entry form damacai 4dresult profile and the answer to a simple question, you can participate.Online 4d chatbox “We organize competitions aims damacai 4dresult prizes to our customers. We are very pleased this time damacai 4dresult” Victory Tips Play n Win “contest game three loyal customers continue to get enthusiastic response. The Online 4d chatbox competition early this year received a total of more than 39,000 copies of the entry form since its launch. “senior regional manager for Malaysia Perak Yushan Jun Choi told she said.

“Victory Tips Play n Win” lucky draw contest damacai 4dresult game three activities have the following color dealer in Malaysia, namely half Perak Port, the North Sea, Union Garden Kuala Lumpur, Taman Sri Mangga Malacca and Batu Pahat held. Choi regional manager Malaysian, damacai 4dresult sales agents and customers witnessed this time the raffle.In Perak total of 11 lucky winners to win cash prizes, awards and 1 part each of 10 parts of consolation prize. After a Online 4d chatbox lucky draw, color management and witness Malaysia damacai 4dresult lottery customers enjoy refreshments together happily.

Damacai 4dresult “Victory Tips Play n Win” contest is divided 4d chatbox

“Thanks to the damacai 4dresult sweepstakes held in Hong Kong in half; because I also have to participate in this competition can win cash prizes, it is possible to spot witness sweepstakes excited I have to play, hoping to become the next. a winner! “said a 60-year session of the customers said.One-year damacai 4dresult “Victory Tips Play n Win” contest is divided into six aspects of the game, and a total of 100,008 RM3,000 to be won, each game will last for 2 months. Even missed the “win Tips Play n Win” contest the first 4d chatbox three games, do not be discouraged; competition has four games in July 1, 2015 carried out until August 31 deadline. To play, customers can purchase a single ticket betting at least RM10 Super 1 + 3D single 4d chatbox  A lucky number after submitting a completed entry form to the damacai 4dresult any one dealer.

damacai 4dresult Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian brand color; the company is Malaysia accredited tellers betting operators. damacai 4dresult through a series of projects and activities held in China, the annual initiative to support education, social welfare and public service activities in the field of public health.4d chatbox with education Power Sdn Bhd (Jana Pendidikan Malaysian Sdn Bhd) acquisition of damacai 4dresult, education, power will donate all net dividend income of damacai 4dresult to the Community Chest. With this structure, the damacai 4dresult has been substantially transformed into profitable companies from the business community, long-term contributions to the public good, so that the Malaysian damacai 4dresult community benefit.

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