Magnum 4D Malaysia today unveiled two lucky roulette

Magnum 4D Malaysia today unveiled two lucky roulette

And lucky roulettes to help the fans take advantage of the golden autumn time to cheer the good fortune and turn lucky. “Lucky Roulette” is priced at NT $ 200 each, with a maximum bonus of $ 2 million. The bonus will be doubled and the maximum bonus will be increased by up to 10 4D Result Promotion times. “Goldfish” each priced at 100 yuan, the coupons face to symbolize the wealth of gold with goldfish Yuen Wong Choi Wong, full of fun fishing bonus, a total of more than 1.43 million awards, you want to experience the lucky double “scratch” award fun People can start to try their luck.

Singapore Pools 4D“, priced at $ 200 each

Is designed with roulette design, background notes, lucky stars and other wealth elements. The gameplay is played with “lucky numbers” and “multiple symbols”. “4D Result News” has a corresponding multiple of the symbol, if your “number” on the “lucky number”, you can win 2 times, 3 times, 5 times, up to 10 times the bonus.

The “Magnum 4D Malaysia Lucky Roulette”

Which debuted in September last year, was highly appreciated by the fans for their innovative “lucky number with multiple” prize, which was more than 90% of the two-week sale rate. “4D Result Tips” total prize of more than 1.78 million, total prize money of more than 680 million yuan, a total of up to five top prize of 2 million yuan of winning opportunities, the overall winning rate of about 35%, let the fans experience good luck doubled, Double the sense of excitement.