Malaysia 4dresults said today that in November

Malaysia 4dresults said today that in November

2016 for the government to create public welfare lottery 4D Tips surplus of NT 1.538 billion yuan, from January 2014 to the end of November 2016, the fourth public welfare lottery cumulative government surplus amounted to 86.972 billion , 50% of which is allocated to local governments for social welfare, 45% for government grants, and the remaining 5% 4D Result is for national health insurance.

Malaysia 4d results said that in November 2016

The government created a monthly public welfare lottery surplus of 1.538 billion yuan, of which 769 million yuan allocated to the municipalities, municipalities and municipalities for social welfare purposes, but the actual allocation will depend on the number of fiscal The Ministry of Public Welfare Lottery Commission, “the provisions of Article III, 692 million yuan allocated to the 4D Past Result National Pension, 77 million yuan is allocated to the National Health Insurance.

In November 2016 the Government CashSweep

surplus is based on Malaysia 4dresults 175th, 176th and 178th, Lotto 105000094 to 105000102, PowerColor 105000088 to 105000095, Tai Fook 105000088 to 105000096 period, 4D 105000262 to 105000262 to 105000287 period, 105,000262 to 105000287 period, and 105000262 to 105000287 period, Malaysia 105th issue, 105000287 period, 38th edition, The total sales of bingo bingo sections 105061916 to 105068005 are based on calculations.