Hebei Fucai Center released 4D Result Malaysia

Hebei Fucai Center released 4D Result Malaysia

4D Result Malaysia The contents include the letter of the people, the benefit of the people, the music of the people, the welfare of the four parts of the province, the welfare lottery standardization construction, distribution sales, public welfare fund raising, heritage culture and awards, etc. The community a comprehensive and profound understanding of Singapore Pools ToTo, to participate in Fucai, consciously through the purchase of Fucai dedication of a love. To ensure the healthy development of Fucai To ensure the province Fu Cai issued a healthy and sustainable development, Hebei Province Sport ToTo Past Result focus on actively promoting the construction of sunshine Fucai and other aspects of a series of work: according to regulations to the good.

Damacai 4D Malaysia Construction Evaluation System

Significant events Collective decision-making system, the main leadership Sport ToTo Tips and the last position system, bidding system, produced a “Hebei welfare lottery distribution management center procurement project operation process”, “Zhongfu online sales hall management regulations and emergency response Measures to guide the manual, “revised and revised the” technical safety work code “” betting station management regulations “” lottery day technical processing processes and regulations “” Grand Prix Award, interview process “” first asked the first responsibility system “” financial management system ” The establishment of a more scientific and reasonable assessment, incentive mechanism, the specific responsibility to implement 4D Result Malaysia Promotion. Clean and honest construction, the development of the “welfare lottery distribution management center in Hebei Province, the implementation of the main system of responsibility for the implementation of the program”, in-depth Fucai line for comments and suggestions, sincerely accept the betting station owners and Lottery supervision. Closer training to promote development. Organize the province’s 4D Result Malaysia Live system staff to conduct business training, tour trainers to carry out tour training, centralized training, territorial training and exchange.

The province to carry out various training sabah 88 4D

Positive innovation service model. Launched a 61 event, that is, into a grass-roots 4D Result agency, visit a Fucai subsidy project, contact a grass-roots welfare workers, try to do a day lottery salesman, get to know a group of lottery friends, write Sport ToTo News. And for the betting owners and Lottery proposal, has introduced eight Huimin initiatives, eight convenient policy. Eight Huimin initiatives include: sabah 88 4D exemption from betting machine maintenance costs, thermal paper fees, scanning guns and communication fees, free production winning number charts, free production of the door, free production that is open billing cabinet, free installation LED display, free dedicated wireless router.