Lottery 4D Result Malaysia Seminar topics

Lottery 4D Result Malaysia Seminar topics

Since the “two school one to do” learning and education activities since the province center through the organization of collective learning, personal self-study, party exchanges, etc. quickly set off a learning climax. August 30, the provincial center of the organization of all party members held a “talk about the rules, there are disciplines” special exchange. Damacai 4D Result Malaysia secretary Li Xin presided over the meeting and made a keynote speech, center middle-level cadres Peng Jiqing, Liu Fenghua, Zhang Jinwen respectively, for the exchange floor. Li Xin Shuji pointed out that Sabah & Sarawak 4D results, discipline and rules are the party’s party power, is the party members leading cadres necessary political quality. After five years of development, the party’s discipline and rules have been continuously enriched and perfected. At present, a complete system has been formed, which mainly includes three aspects: one is the party constitution, the second is the party discipline, the third is the party’s fine tradition And work practices. Damacai 4D Result Malaysia these three areas of discipline and rules, all party members must be unconditional obedience and compliance.

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Cultivate the political climate, Singapore 4D to establish a political order of compliance. Scr888 Li Xin secretary stressed that the rules, the most fundamental requirement of discipline is the party discipline and discipline discipline engraved in the heart, to implement the line, so that unity of knowledge and practice. First of all to wake up the party discipline and discipline awareness, so that thinking awe, the bottom line. Second, we must strictly discipline supervision, so that the party rules and regulations become “charged high-voltage line”, rather than “paper tiger” and “scarecrow”. The third to strictly within the party life, pay attention to good education and prevention work. Li Xin clerk requirements, stresses rules, there are disciplines, the focus is to adhere to political discipline and 4D Past Result political rules, do political “understand people.” In the whole discipline and rules of the Party, the first is political discipline and political rules. The most important thing to observe political discipline and political rules is to make the “five musts” proposed by General Secretary Keihin. The central authority of the Party Central Committee is not allowed to deviate from the requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is necessary to maintain the unity of the Party and unite all the comrades who are faithful to the Party. They are not allowed to engage in gangs, ; Must follow the organizational procedures.

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4D Result Promotion must manage the relatives and around the staff, do not allow them to work hard to manage the government, and do not allow them to do so. , For personal gain Damacai 4D Result Malaysia. All party members must adhere to these five aspects of political discipline and political rules, and earnestly enhance the political consciousness, the overall consciousness, the core consciousness, the sense of unity, always in the ideological political action with Xi Jinping comrades as the general secretary of the party center to maintain a high degree of consistency , Consciously do political “understand people”. Second, consciously do “leader”, never do “special person”, the third is consciously do “honest people”, and do not do “loyalty”, never do “Sabah 4D News two people” , Do not do “good old man”, Damacai 4D Result Malaysia four is conscious to do “participants”, never do “outsiders.”