4D Result Toto Malaysia Second Round!

4D Result Toto Malaysia Second Round!

4D Result Toto Malaysia damacai 3D accumulated treasure of the Play to Win the second leg of the contest winner is finally unveiled! Retirees from Johor, Johor Bahru, who now could drivinga brand new sports cars for a spin, and he succeeded to win a Ford Fiesta car worthover 85,000 ringgit 1.6LTi-VCT new cars!

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4D Result toto malaysia second round!

4D Result toto malaysia second round!

4D Result Toto Malaysia Over the age of 69-year-old Mr. Zheng sound emerge and become successful tour winner of the second round of the competition in more than 60,000 votes in the competition sheet, and today lies in Johor Bahru Taman Munsyi Ibrahim Malaysian Pools bit of a sales office in award ceremony the new Ford Fiesta took the car key and its shining from the national sales manager Ho, senior business tellers hand. Pan Malaysian Pools for sale at this Johor Bahru city center is located Zheng buy their 3D Lottery Jackpot prize entries and presenting wherein lucky ticket sales office.

Cheng Pan Malaysian Pools faithful at the beginning of a Stranger Calls Pan Malaysian Pools staff were puzzled, but later learned that pumping is eligible for a new car and show jumping! “I often have to purchase Pan Malaysian Pools betting tickets and participate in competitions, but also had to win the prize, but this is the first time to obtain such a large prizes. Now I can drive this car to a new sports car to go for a drive! “Mr Cheng said.

The just-concluded Pan Malaysian Pools “3D Jackpot Play to Win” contest is the second round in July 22, 2013 to August 12 days held in addition to the grand prize winner Cheng, and the remaining ten get lucky at the same time consolation, that each shopping vouchers worth RM500.

Earlier on July 31, 2013, a motorbike mechanic from Batu Caves Selangor success emerge and become the winner of the first round of the competition. 4D Result Toto Malaysia He had to take over his shiny worth over 40,002 RM1,000 a new Perodua Myvi Selangor awards ceremony in Sri Gombak Garden sale at the Pan Malaysian Pools!

Pan Malaysian Pools of Ho, at the awards ceremony, said Malaysian Pools in two rounds of 3D Jackpot Play to Win” contest have been awarded worth over 130,007 RM1,000 prize reserved its loyal customers. Ho, said,4D Result Toto Malaysia”This time of the event in addition to Pan Malaysian Pools can reward loyal customers; customers leaving for Malaysias new 3D color Jackpot games have a better understanding, and quickly became the new darling of customers; because the 3D is the most Jackpot easily winning the jackpot game, they sent a total of about five hundred and eighty million ringgit 37 jackpot since March 12, 2013 since the launch.
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