According to 4D Result Malaysia Live

According to 4D Result Malaysia Live

In addition to allocating 500 boxes to the sanitation workers, the Jinzhong Fucai Center will allocate 10 boxes for each Fucai betting site. The people of Sandakan 4D can receive free of charge from the valid welfare lottery betting site, giving priority to the elderly, the disabled , Each person limit a barrel, and finished so far. The Singapore Pools Results charitable donation activities, Shanxi Province, Ding Fu Trading Co., Ltd. through the provincial charity will donate the provincial welfare lottery distribution center.

ToTo 4D Malaysia donated Huiyuan brand corn beverage

Worth 4.4 million yuan. Shanxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Center will be the donation activities as the main content of public welfare Fucai, through the city Fucai Center and 4000 betting sites in a timely manner to the elderly, disabled and other specific people in the hands of the province’s charity public welfare play a positive The promotion of the role. Sport ToTo Tips The province Fucai betting machine maintenance service personnel training courses held in Changsha. Provincial Welfare Center, responsible person, the city state blessing center betting machine repair service personnel to participate in this training. 2016 is the Hunan Fucai “quality development year”, but also to build “four excellent four strong” development pattern of an important year. Among them, in the “four excellent four strong” development pattern, 4D Result Promotion highlights the service better, better image Bending machine repair service personnel is to serve the majority of betting owners and Lottery line staff, the service is good or bad, directly related to the image of Fucai. Participants according to the requirements of the market, and continuously improve the level of service and skills to become a betting machine management and maintenance of experts, a betting station service star, effectively guarantee the province Fu Cai sales. Site, Li Xin, director of the city center related personnel: to ensure that enterprises love materials in a timely manner, while the site to do a good job issuing registration work, focus on targeted, priority elderly, disabled and other special groups.

The training invited 4D Singapore Past Result

Software Development Department engineers and professional trainers to explain in detail the operation of the E music service system and how to use the Internet for the owners to provide more convenient and faster service. The whole training organization rigorous, active atmosphere, the participants in the training of the questions to discuss the exchange, to achieve the desired results. Many participants said that the training was held in a timely manner, not only opened up the Sandakan 4D News Internet + Fucai knowledge, but also enhance the business skills, is conducive to ensuring the safe operation of the betting machine to promote the development of our province Fucai sales.