If you are the CashSweep 4d Results 500 million

If you are the CashSweep 4d Results 500 million…..

4D Result Malaysia “ToTo” has a lucky people to scratch the “Singapore Pools” scratch scratch first prize of 500 million yuan, the winner is about 30 years old male regulars, in the confirmation scraping 500 million only slowly On the betting shop clerk said he first rush to go to work, and calm response to betting shop clerk impression super deep! Taiwan Lottery General Manager today to ToTo to congratulate the dealer, in addition to a symbol of good fortune to the pineapple and good luck partner gift, but also prepared this scraping scratch scratch music video copy and proof of a single proof To “ToTo” as a souvenir.

According to “4D Promotion Malaysia” staff

4D Result Malaysia said the “Singapore Pools” scratching prize was a regular 30-year-old male frequenting 2 or 3 times a week. He likes to eat fresh, and usually buy the latest Scratch music, especially like you can slowly scraping, slowly playing puzzle extended game. On the day of winning the guests bought a total of 5,6 “Singapore Pools” scratch music, did not start scratching in the last one so that he scraped the “Singapore Pools” first prize of 500 million! The guest was not sure whether he was really scratching the jackpot. He first asked the clerk to scan the code against the computer. However, because the amount of the jackpot was too large, the betting machine showed that “the 4D prize was more than authorized.” Scratch the whole lottery scraping scratch scratch area on behalf of the first prize in the “TOP” code, to confirm the scratching of the first prize.

4D Result Malaysia said the guests usually very quiet

Play scratch when little talk to others, whether or not winning is not too special response, the scraping in such a high bonus, did not think his face or as usual, no different. The guests before leaving only calmly say that they have to rush to work, 4D Tips response to the clerk really impressed super deep, but also because it is not so calm and quiet personality will not scare away the God of Wealth, so good luck!