4D Result Malaysia Welfare Center Lecture

4D Result Malaysia Welfare Center Lecture

n order to effectively prevent the timely control of the occurrence of emergencies, and improve workers to respond to the sudden ability of Sport ToTo Malaysia, the afternoon of October 11, Wuxi Fucai invited Wuxi police instructor Guo Liang in Jincheng station police station to carry out “emergency disposal plan “Lecture. CashSweep 4D Result Center staff and part of the sales staff of Zhongfu Online Office, nearly 40 people attended the lecture. “816 hostage-taking incident” occurred, Wuxi Fucai leadership attaches great importance to the first time held Sport ToTo Malaysia all workers congress, sounded the security awareness alarm; and set up a special group.

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Reporting system, financial management, fire equipment, etc. to focus on inspection. And this seminar is to improve the administrator, sales staff to respond to the ability of a sudden Sport ToTo Malaysia training. Professor Guo used the easy-to-understand, humorous language to introduce the concept of the hostage crisis, the characteristics, and the response to Magnum 4D Past Result; effective communication skills; local skills and tactics; and through case analysis, scenario Simulation, actual exercises and other methods to teach you all the people of Damacai 4D Tips to deal with emergencies and Sport ToTo Malaysia effective approach. The whole lecture is easy, sometimes tense, sometimes interesting, sometimes serious.

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The sales office of many people and the complex Sport ToTo Malaysia, asked us to do “three attention”: one is to pay attention to the old Lottery suddenly change the time to change the color of the change; the second is to pay attention to the new color of the people to buy color changes; The person who wishes to change in the hall. After the meeting, Sabah 4D News participants have said that the contents of the lectures lifelong benefit SCR888, from the South Temple sales office security Liu master in the notebook made a full five pages of records: “This professional and practical lectures, I really was the first time to participate, let me further improve the security capabilities, know how to wait and see, moving the line, effectively maintaining the sales office of the Sport ToTo Malaysia security system, to the Lottery a comfortable, rest assured, peace of mind to buy color environment.