4D Result Malaysia Live Center Leadership Fucai

4D Result Malaysia Live Center Leadership Fucai

Deputy Director of the Fucai Center, Lou Lu fruit and his party to Hunan to carry out “into the blessing line” activities October 13 – 15, China Welfare ToTo 4D Malaysia Distribution Center Deputy Director Louqu fruit line to Hunan to carry out “into the blessing line” activities , Has visited the Changde City Fucai public welfare fund project, Yiyang Taojiang in the blessing online lobby and some Fucai betting station, but also on the Hunan Fucai comprehensive experience city facade site construction and construction, carried out inspection and guidance, and with the provincial Welfare Center Sabah 4D on the game development, channel construction, marketing and fund management and other aspects of the exchange of views, the provincial Civil Affairs Department Deputy Director Chen Ciying attended the forum. Deputy director of the Fucai Center Lou Lu fruit and his party and the provincial Civil Affairs Department deputy director Chen Ciying, the provincial center of the middle-level cadres into Hunan to carry out the “six one” action in accordance with the welfare center of the unified arrangements for the deployment of the Center, the welfare center business development Several members of the party in the Louqu fruit under the leadership of the deputy director of Hunan into the “six one” action (that is, into a grass-roots welfare institutions, visit a blessing subsidy project, contact a grass-roots ToTo 4D Malaysia workers, do one day Assistant lottery salesman, get to know a group of lottery friends, write a special research report) to a grassroots level at the grassroots site, party members are actively with the sales staff and Lottery cordial conversation, and in Yiyang City in the blessing online hall Assistant lottery salesman, personally feel the hardships of frontline sales staff.

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Lou Luo fruit and his entourage into the Fucai betting station on-site guidance to Hunan ToTo 4D Malaysia work fully affirmed through a few days of in-depth research, visits, observation and discussion, Louqu fruit deputy director of the province’s blessing sales management and market construction operations Gave full affirmation. In addition, he combined with the sales report and visit the survey pointed out that in recent years, Hunan Fucai sales Damacai 4D Past Result and public welfare fund raising the scale year after year, the results are very significant, especially in Hunan Fucai work has many highlights and innovation made him impressed, Strengthen the leadership, the provincial Civil Affairs Department will be Fu Cai issued as a “number one project” into the local civil service performance appraisal of the important content, inspired the civil affairs departments at all levels, especially the county level civil affairs departments grasping the work of hard work and determination; Second, policy innovation, Magnum 4D Tips Hunan for the blessing of the distribution and use of public welfare funds, the proportion of business expenses and the management of the market manager introduced a series of perfect ToTo 4D Malaysia sales system and policy measures to fully mobilize the grass-roots Fucai sales The enthusiasm of the.

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CashSweep 4D News effective, the provincial center to develop a full year marketing plan, focus on publicity, orderly promotion, marketing activities have achieved good results. To carry out the province toTo 4D Malaysia system comprehensive skills contest and that is the inviting trainer trials, to further stimulate the vitality of the team to improve the overall quality of the practitioners. Zhongfu Cai Center, a pedestrian visit Changde rehabilitation hospital disabled children will seriously study and absorb the “Hunan voice” Louqu fruit deputy director said that the Center will carefully study and absorb the adoption of this “into the welfare line” activities in Hunan Fucai proposed In the future work from the policy, capital, business guidance, personnel training and so on to give greater ToTo 4D Malaysia, and hope that the blessing of Hunan Province to further increase the intensity of work in the lottery sales continue to integrate into the Huxiang culture And regional characteristics, to promote Fucai sales to a new level.