China Welfare 4D Result game since 2004

China Welfare 4D Result game since 2004

4D Result Malaysia Live With the simple play, high rate of winning, interesting and other characteristics by the majority of Lottery and the public favorite. To further enhance the brand impact of the Singapore Pools Results 3D game, January 1, 2016, China sabah 88 4D Lottery Distribution Management Center (hereinafter referred to as the 4D Result News Center) decided to move the 3D game lottery site to the lottery hall 2 Studio, while the opening of the new shake equipment and lottery program production system

Magnum 4D Result Malaysia lottery program upgrade

The new lottery program in the color network broadcast, and achieved good playback. In order to facilitate the majority of Lottery and the public to timely, accurate and comprehensive understanding of 3D game lottery information, more intuitive feel 4D Result Malaysia lottery credibility transparent, since December 5, 2016, the color network will broadcast live 3D game lottery program, broadcast time is 20:30 every night. At this point the 3D game will also follow the two-color ball, seven music after the opening of the new mode of Internet live. Breakthrough one: the way of communication from a single voice to sound and picture integration of information dissemination from the sound development of sound and sound into one, has gone through a very long process, but also a qualitative leap in information dissemination. For a long time, 4D Malaysia Past Result 3D games are broadcast through a single radio broadcast program, Lottery only through the sound to understand the 3D game lottery situation. For 3D games, the realization of simultaneous sound and picture broadcast lottery, it is extraordinary significance. I believe that by virtue of the advantages of the Internet platform, can make more people understand the sabah 88 4D lottery, witness 4D Result Tips lottery, supervision Fucai lottery, together with the blessing of color, a total of open sweep fair sunshine.

Sabah & Sarawak 4D results Diversified

In the 4D Promotion Center is committed to show a more realistic lottery process, through the simultaneous development of audio and video Internet broadcast mode, can be more convenient to the lottery scene the most real situation feedback to the Lottery, so Lottery more deeply feel sabah 88 4D lottery rigorous , Standardized, visual lottery information will bring more rich sensory experience, which is Fu Cai in order to meet the voice of Lottery, Fucai to improve the credibility of a manifestation.