On 4 January, 4D Result Malaysia Live was held.

On 4 January, 4D Result Malaysia Live was held.

Qingyuan City Civil Affairs Bureau of the leadership, Qingyuan City Fucai center leadership team, middle cadres, the county in charge of Fucai Bureau of leadership, Fucai center director and staff attended the meeting. 4D rebate bonus The main content of the meeting is to summarize the achievements and experiences of the Qingyuan Fucai distribution work in 2016, to analyze the opportunities and challenges in the new situation. Past Singapore 4D Result is the main work of 2017.

Damacai 1 + 3D Malaysia counties in charge of the work of the Bureau

Of Fucai at the meeting were made a work report, analysis of the current sales situation, carefully looking for problems, put forward this year to implement the provincial and municipal work of the spirit of thinking. At the meeting, Qingyuan Fucai Center Director Tang Fengmei made the 2016 city welfare lottery work report. In 2016, Qingyuan Fucai Center to take the initiative to adapt to the new economic development, closely around the “Singapore Pools ToTo” work policy, adhere to the steady progress of 4D Result Malaysia Live work ideas, focus on innovation management, in improving the quality of development, Deepen the standardized management, optimize the development environment, work hard to consolidate the development results, and actively develop sales channels, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the sales force to promote the construction of Fucai culture, and actively promote the city’s welfare lottery business development.

Qingyuan City, the annual sales of Sandakan 4D billion

An increase of 6.31%, a record high. Tang Zedong’s deployment of the city’s welfare in 2017, put forward six requirements: First, strengthen the party style and clean government; the second is to speed up the transformation and upgrading of outlets; third is to increase Damacai 4D Tips marketing efforts; Market; five is to strengthen the team’s own construction; six is to practice social responsibility.