4D Result distribution center and Shandong

Recently, 4D Result distribution center and Shandong

Province Qilu notary office to re-sign cooperation agreement, continue to invite notaries to the computer lottery routine play lucky draw operations on-site supervision and notarization. Damacai 4D Malaysia Center always adhere to the “safe operation, healthy development” of the lottery issue concept, which pay special attention to technical support work, 4D Result Promotion has always been to maintain lottery data for many years without error.

In recent years, CashSweep 4D Result lottery issuance work by the outside attention is high

which also mixed with lottery lottery and other operations questioned the sound, Singapore Pools ToTo Center to strengthen the data security management of the relevant recommendations, prevent the trend, and actively looking for response measures, and Shandong Province Qilu Notary Office conducted a number of communication, and finally reached a consensus, by the notary office assigned to monitor the scene of the lottery data summary and lottery operations, and notarized.

4D Malaysia Singapore Result After several rounds of follow-up

The Qilu Notary Office has evaluated the necessity, rigor and operability of the 4dresult Tips for data processing and lottery processes, recognizing all current operations and making improvements in accordance with notarized business requirements opinion. 4dresult News technical department with the Qilu notary office developed a lottery data summary contingency plans to ensure that in the process of opening the prize of all kinds of emergencies can be rules to effectively enhance the credibility of the issue of lottery.