The spirit of the “4D Result Malaysia” document

The spirit of the “4D Result Malaysia” document

On the afternoon of January 5, Shiyan Fucai Management Station held a special meeting on the third floor conference room to build a learning and education conference. ToTo 4D Malaysia remind all staff members to attend the meeting in.

At the meeting, we seriously studied the “sabah 88 4D

And the document in the six management methods for a detailed interpretation. Shi Wenqing, director of the management system of Shiyan Fucai management station pointed out that this year to further strengthen the party style and clean construction and learning, often organize the management of party members and cadres of the staff system Magnum 4D Malaysia News study, party rules, party rules, Xi Jinping general secretary series of important speeches and related laws and regulations.

At the same time, we will also watch Singapore Pools Results

The anti-corruption education films and warning films, and carry out positive and negative typical education for party members and cadres to help the party members and cadres to establish a correct outlook on the world, outlook on life and values. Finally, Director Chen Wenqing Past Malaysia 4D Result stressed that it is going to school, but also after school, hope that we always strict demands on themselves, by strengthening the learning to improve their ability to fulfill their duties.