Malaysia Toto 4D Result grateful grant!

Malaysia Toto 4D Result grateful grant!

4D Result Vasakhi Sikh community traditional harvest festival festival, celebrating the Sikh community – Kaer Sha establishment, but also a symbol of the new year. It is the years most important Sikh festivals, and is located in Kampung Pandan Settlement Sikh temple will hold a series of celebrations.

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Malaysia Toto 4D Result grateful grant!

Malaysia Toto 4D Result grateful grant!

4D Result Sikh faith advocates of human kindness and charity, faith that the goodness of God can bring people closer to nature. Follow this belief, Pan Malaysian Pools staff into the community through his companys plans in Kampung Pandan Sikh temple organized a community event. 200 in Kampung Pandan area Sikh families often go to this Sikh Temple worship; so this Sikh Temple long-term need for funds for renovation to maintain their basic facilities, such as pastors and faithful gathered for prayer and a prayer hall public canteens and kitchen.

Malaysia Toto 4D Result  Thus, Pan Malaysian Pools donation a million ringgit funds to be used for long-term renovation of dilapidated prayer hall carpet.

Malaysia Toto 4D Result Secretary of Kampung Pandan Settlement Sikh Temple Hardy fortunate grid, said: “We are very grateful to Pan Malaysian Pools very thoughtful and generous donation for the upcoming Vasakhi festivals, the donations came exactly.”

In line with Malaysias multicultural society, Pan Malaysian Pools in implementing its corporate social responsibility activities, in particular the use of a friendly policy, with a view to celebrate the Sikh faith together through these activities the most important day. 4D Result In this event, a group of volunteers from the Pan Malaysian Pools visit this Sikh Temple. Malaysia Toto 4D Result Prepared by volunteers enjoy a wide range of Sikh and Punjabi unique flavor of traditional cuisine, including chapati curry with chickpeas, milk pudding, sweet and sour pickles and so on. At the same time, volunteers have the opportunity to better understand the Sikh way of life.

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