4D Result Malaysia Fucai Center Steering Group

4D Result Malaysia Fucai Center Steering Group

Liaoning Province CashSweep 4D Result Fook Choi Center Wang Qiushan, deputy director of a line of four people composed of work steering group, on the blessing of the province is carrying out the scratch of the “a scrap gold”, happy 12 and two color ball lottery promotional activities and other related work to Fushun work Supervise and make requests for work in the fourth quarter. On the afternoon of 2 pm, the Inspectorate, after hearing the work report of Fushun Fucai in the first three quarters, responded to Fushun Fucai in response to the continued downward pressure on the sales of the Singapore Pools 4D lottery, To overcome the difficulties, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, and so on, to achieve full recognition of the results, especially in technological innovation, unified for the 418 Fucai betting station to install LED screen CashSweep 4D Result, and to always monitor the practice to fully affirmed. Subsequently, the provincial center marketing propaganda department, head of the Department of the fourth quarter of the work of the deployment. According to Wang Fei, director of the city Fucai Center, as of October 9, the city sold 450 million yuan for the country to raise more than 110 million yuan of public welfare fund, which for the Fushun raise more than 3600 million yuan.

Magnum 4D Malaysia to implement the central special funds

Increase the city’s Fucai betting Sport ToTo Past Result, betting in the transformation process, the use of the central, provincial allocated special funds betting, has installed LED display for the Fucai betting, shop signs, charts and other games are played. In particular, this year, the city has come up with special funds, CashSweep 4D Result procurement Lottery table, chair, sales station. The city Fucai betting station infrastructure has been improved. Next step, and strive to 2019, so that the city’s more than 500 Fucai betting station all to achieve uniform norms, rational layout, full-featured, bright and clean, comfortable environment, the service of the image of the construction of warm. Wang Wei said that after entering the third quarter, Damacai 4D Tips Provincial Welfare Center in succession in the “happy 12”, two-color ball and “a scrap gold” that is, on the billing to carry out promotional activities. The city active action, CashSweep 4D Result full participation, give full play to the advantages of cooperation media, increase publicity, and actively cooperate with the provincial center to promote training and other aspects of work have achieved satisfactory results. Especially in the “one scrap gold” new ticket sales and promotion work.

Carefully arrange 4D Promotion organization

Duty for the past to sweep the public lucky activities. To further expand the impact of the city set up seven promotional sites, the person responsible for each promotional location, CashSweep 4D Result are placed with two-dimensional code printed on a large X publicity exhibition, tables and chairs to attract public attention. On this basis, October 10, “a scraping daughter” starting the day, the city Fucai Center in Fushun Jiefang Road commercial pedestrian street to buy 100 yuan “a scrap gold” lottery to send 50 yuan bill activities. Activities on the same day, the publicity site placed three sales of arbor, printed a banner, the city Fucai staff on-site ticket, the scene warm and hot. Wang Wei said that now there are more than two months to the end of time, the center up and down full of energy, full of confidence, and strive to take practical action to achieve satisfactory results. Steering Group also visited the two sub-centers of Shuncai betting station Sandakan 4D News, the two owners can master the scan two-dimensional code, familiar with the rules of promotional activities, effective guidance Lottery actively participate in the purchase of color and other skills expressed satisfaction.