To enhance the 4D Result public brand image

To enhance the 4D Result public brand image

To show the welfare of public welfare and social responsibility, from now until January 2017, Hainan Province Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center will be the first to organize large-scale public welfare activities – “Singapore 4D ToTo Sport“, “the most beautiful people” series of activities. The activities will focus on the purpose of helping the elderly, helping the disabled, saving the need to send money, the activities of innovative activities, Sport ToTo News rich activities, through a series of activities called for more social media, Lottery, Fucai people, caring people involved , Together to create “4D public welfare Choi”, “responsibility Fucai” and “sunshine blessing”.

Hainan Sport ToTo Malaysia Public Star

Participants are required to participate in the workplace or collectively in Hainan, and their participation must be in Hainan or with a high degree of association with Hainan. Participants and deeds are in line with the requirements of the socialist core values. , Charity public interest and inspiration and personality charm of the positive energy, showing a positive high-spirited, healthy and good spirit of the style, it is moving. “4D Past Result” The selection method is: Registration period (November 15 – November 29) candidates can be recommended by the unit recommendation, the masses recommended, personal recommendation or media recommendation to participate in the recommendation selection. In Hainan Fucai official WeChat platform “Hainan Fucai”, South China Sea network South China lottery WeChat platform, Nanhai network activities topic – Nanhai network 2016 Hainan first ten most concerned about “Fu Cai public star” and “Sport ToTo Tips” Refer to the form to fill, to recommend or recommend someone else’s way, the paper letter sent to Haikou City, Hainan Province on the 30th Hainan Daily 8th floor South China Sea Network Division, or “recommended candidates + name + contact” for the theme. After the first round of the organizing committee to determine the 20 candidates to vote (December 16 – December 29), while the organization of professionals to score 20 candidates. The final selection of the top ten most concerned about “Fucai public star” 10, and in the online media publicity, and in January 2017 held awards ceremony.

Sabah & Sarawak 4D results Conditions Of Reference

4D Result Malaysia The province’s fast 2 betting station and Zhongfu online sales office. “4D Result Promotion” selection method: the first round of registration in the November 15 – November 29 to carry out, by voting within the sales office, the number of 10 people (including 10) sales hall can only be elected 1 person to participate in the second round of the selection, the number of dozens of sales offices, according to the ratio of 10: 1 vote (such as the 45 people of the General Office, can recommend 4 candidates).