Hunan 4D Result Welfare Work will be analyzed

Hunan 4D Result Welfare Work will be analyzed

August 5, Hunan Province Magnum 4D Malaysia Fucai mid-year analysis will be held in Xiangtan. The meeting summed up the first half of Fu Cai sales work, analysis of the current Fucai sales market situation and challenges facing the arrangements for the deployment of the second half of the task. Provincial Civil Affairs Office Deputy Director Chen Ciying attended the Sabah 4D meeting and delivered a speech, Xiangtan Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Tan Yuping to the meeting.

Comprehensive analysis of the Singapore Pools Results

Past Malaysia 4D Result Hunan Province Fucai three tickets sales situation. This year, the province Fucai system up and down as one, forge ahead, in accordance with the province of 2016 Magnum 4D Malaysia Fucai “quality development” of the work requirements and the overall deployment, expansion channels, deep plowing market, innovative marketing, standardized operation in the national check4d Fucai Sales overall decline in the situation, to promote the province’s sales continued to maintain a steady growth. As of July 31, the province sold a total of 5,040,000 yuan welfare lottery, an increase of 540 million yuan over the same period last year, an increase of 12.1%. The meeting pointed out that the current Hunan Province Magnum 4D Malaysia Fucai sales still face increasing difficulties, traditional game growth is weak, the regional market development imbalance, market-oriented, standardized operation and management means to be strengthened and other difficulties or problems, the province’s Fucai system to further innovation Work ideas and means to strengthen the sales channels and work team building, continue to promote Fucai sales work carried out.

Chen Ciying, deputy director of the 4D Result News speech

Fully affirmed this year’s Magnum 4D Malaysia Fucai sales work achieved 4D Result Promotion results, encouraged the province’s civil affairs departments and 4d stc system to overcome the fear of fear, inspire team morale, enhance the development of confidence, and from strengthening the organization and leadership, in-depth Research and innovation work means, pay close attention to team building and ensure the safety of sales in five aspects of the full implementation of the annual sales of the objectives of the task requirements. At the meeting, 14 municipalities and some provinces directly under the county in the first half of the work and the second half of the work intended to Magnum 4D Malaysia speech exchange.