Hunan 4D Result Lottery thematic learning seminar

Hunan 4D Result Lottery thematic learning seminar

To continue to promote the “two school a do” to carry out education and education, to implement sabah 88 4D comprehensive strict rule of the party requirements, Hunan Province Fucai Center first, second party branch on July 25 organized a “rules, discipline Seminar on Damacai 4D Malaysia. All party members and join the party activists first focused on “Xi Jinping on the strict discipline and rules of the excerpt” and “Communist Party of China accountability regulations”, followed by in-depth discussion. During the discussion, the participants agreed that the party’s discipline and rules were sabah 88 4D in many ways, both rigid and self-disciplined discipline.

Singapore Pools 4D in all the discipline and rules of the party

In the first place is the political discipline and political rules, Sport ToTo Past Result is the party in the political direction, political position, political speech, political action must comply with the rigid constraints, and said to consciously abide by the party’s discipline and rules. Sabah 88 4D Hunan Province Fucai Center Party branch requirements, all party members should firmly establish the sense of discipline and rules, the political direction of the prison, give full play to the pioneering role model, strictly abide by the party’s discipline and rules, do not engage in gangs, Chaos, consciously safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee, always be clear-headed, stand firm. Hunan Province sabah 88 4D Fucai Center Party Secretary attached great importance to the sense of party members and 4d Tips for discipline construction.

Two learn to do a study and education 4D Result Promotion

The second topic 4D Result Malaysia News learned since the beginning, the Center Party branch has organized the majority of party members and all the staff focus on learning check4d “self-discipline guidelines”, “Disciplinary Regulations” and “Xi Jinping said in his speech to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party Congress “, Also watched the film to reflect the history of the party” epoch-making “and organize everyone to Shaoshan to study and accept the revolutionary tradition of education, effectively enhance the party members and cadres of the party spirit, discipline awareness, The wind is clear scr888 good atmosphere, to promote the Hunan sabah 88 4D Fucai cause sustained and healthy development provides a strong style and discipline protection.