China Federation of 4D Social Work

China Federation of 4D Social Work

4D rebate bonus lottery work committee president Wang Boquan presided over the relevant work of the lottery committee, the national lottery deputy editor Xing Xiaowei, Beijing Zhongcai Printing Co., Ltd., Singapore 4D Hongbo Printing Co., Ltd., Donggang Co., Ltd., Beijing Printing Group Limited liability company printing factory, 4D Result Malaysia Shijiazhuang City offset printing plant, Wuxi Ssangyong Information Paper Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hon Hai Government Printing Co., Ltd., Foshan City, high-Jin Shield Sunny Computer Special Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mark thermal paper limited Companies and other nine lottery printing business executives

Magnum 4D Result Malaysia participated in this symposium

4D Result Malaysia Live At the symposium, delegates held a warm speech on the status quo, trends and current problems of the lottery printing business, and on how to make a significant gap with the industry expected development goals, the enterprise’s living environment continued to deteriorate and develop The prospects are not optimistic about the situation, still insist to ensure that the quality of printing products to improve the color, product performance, 4D Singapore Past Result product safety launched a heated discussion, and formed a final consensus, through the “lottery printing business” , Re-quality, security and security “proposal.” At the same time, President Wang Boquan at the forum pointed out that the lottery work committee as a social organization, will give full play to its services to the government, service industry, service members of the function, to strengthen the industry self-discipline and behavioral norms, reflecting the industry demands, 4D News for the enterprise “endorsement”, and thus promote the healthy development of the industry long-term. Hope that through the discussion of the forum to establish the bridge under the situation, in the widely appealed to reflect the aspirations of enterprises at the same time, but also for the development of the industry and further reform to provide ideas and suggestions; also hope that the participating enterprises can practice ” Struggling to survive, in the crisis and development, and always put security and responsibility in the first place for the industry to contribute to better development.

Appendix Sandakan 4D lottery printing business

4d Result Malaysia China’s lottery has entered the fast track of high-speed development.As a member of the China Social Work 4d Result Malaysia Tips Federation Lottery Working Committee, we in the lottery printing this piece of land on the lottery, Long-term hard work, 4D Result and lottery institutions with the joys and sorrows, the fate of the wind and the boat for several decades.We are both happy for the Chinese lottery industry is happy, but also for their own responsibility to be proud of.