Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result Tour Ronde!

Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result Tour Ronde!

Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result Da Ma CAI recently held a special theme park tour, led of special students in winter, visit the water park in Sunway , holiday fun time for students to celebrate theday.

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Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result Tour Ronde!

Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result Tour Ronde!

Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result A total of 30 participants with learning disabilities and physical disabilities special students and da Ma CAI volunteers participated in this sensory and Visual stimuli of fun activities. Fun swim started at 9:30 A.M., students and da Ma CAI volunteer at surf beach (Surf Beach) collection, everyone in the room to each other and to meet at the same time.

This fun tour is a big horse color one of the planned activities of the staff to integrate into the community; the corporate social responsibility programme aims to encourage da Ma CAI staff volunteer to integrate into the community, actively contribute to the community.

Exclusive guides and detailed explanation under the guidance of students through the Wildlife Park (Wildlife Park) in the slowmoving tram (Safari Train Ride), meet rare animals from around the world. Next, students in the pets village to watch the animal feeding shows. Later, their close contact with friendly animals, but also took a lot of pictures; it also enriched their learning experience in wildlife.

Rich after lunch, some students cant wait to chase playing in the sand, some choose to hang around on the water chute, others seek more stimulus in the playground.Most students play a fun in the childrens activity pool. Students demonstrated essential vitality of Pei, the volunteers looked deeply moved and encouraged by.The event with an important message, by encouraging students with learning disabilities, participate in the outdoor classroom activities.Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result Da Ma CAI volunteer staff support, will help promote confidence in these students, and encourage them to explorethe knowledge. Despite many obstacles, the perseverance and determination of thestudents, moved by the presence of volunteer staff.

Malayaia SANDAKAN 4D Result When this interactive and educational animal theme after the event, we set off for lunch. Students are you a my sentence, excited to share learning experiences, also makes a smile to photos taken with the animals. Da Ma CAI is also issued as many as 3,000 ringgit daily necessities and supplies Shopping coupons to lessen the burden on the Centre.

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