2016 to an end, Sport ToTo today introduced new

2016 to an end, Sport ToTo today introduced new

4D Result Malaysia “Million happy”, not only the first prize of NT $ 1 million up to 15, the total prize of more than 200,000, the total prize money of more than 900 million yuan, the total winning rate of about 40%. Sabah to sparkling gold bricks, gold and overflowing gold coin bowl as the element, with the stars and red background, unique sense of wealth and year-end fun atmosphere. The game includes “Singapore Pools”, “Scraping Six of Three”, “Scratching Three of Three” and “Scratching Middle”, Sabah is full of the expectation and excitement of striving for a million bonus. A good choice for exchanging presents!

In addition to 4D Tips today launched a new “Million happy day”

To provide 15 first prize of 1 million yuan, so far, the market there are as many as 11, a total of 46 more than one million yuan 4D Result Malaysia first prize waiting to be scraped, including Choi fans favorite forehead The first prize of $ 6 million for the “Super Connection” and $ 5 million for the “Past Result” and “Ace Big Show” respectively, and another $ 3 million for the “Mahjong” and $ 2 million for the first prize 4D Result Malaysia “,” Golden Dragon “,” Dragon Gate “,” Singapore Pools “,” Extreme Poker “,” All 10 US “,” Lucky Roulette “and” Gold Rush “. 4D Result Malaysia Test luck, do public service, so that God of Wealth have the opportunity to come to the door, perhaps the next lucky winner is your scraping.

Everyone to buy a lottery tickets, 4D Promotions to play the essence

public welfare lottery love on the occasion of the end of the year, 4D News Malaysia invited everyone to “buy lottery tickets, do public service, plot merit.” For more information, please click on “4D Result Malaysia” in Sport ToTo website and “Announcements” in the news section for more information.